Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GARO: YAMI O TERASU MONO - "Ryuga" (2013)

Tonight's Wednesday Weirdness is a Japanese TV show from 2013 called "GARO: Yami o Terasu Mono"

It's also known as "The One To Shine Light Into The Darkness!"

As weird as it may seem, "Garo" and  "Grimm" have a lot in common, well, maybe not a lot, but they are both killers of monsters who have infiltrated into society!

And it appears that just like in "Grimm," the Makai Knights are the only ones who see the monsters, the only difference is that in this show they call the monsters horrors!

"Ryuga" was the first episode of this series, but the whole "Garo" deal got started back in 2005. Junya Ikeda has the lead role as one bad sumbitch named Ryuga Douga. I think he has a horny cousin called Ahooga Douga!

Ryuga has got no lack of confidence!

Ryuga has found this horror right at the time that she's supposed to get married!

Yep, she's one of them all right!

Ryuga is really ruining her wedding plans, and it really pisses her off!

The bride shows her true self! What a bitch!

Ryuga is not bashful, and disposes of her right in front of the guests and the whole wedding party!

Cool ring! It talks!

Good doggie, Fetch!!

When it gets to a point where Ryuga can't handle the situation, then it's time for GARO to take over!

I wasn't quite sure why Ryuga needed to turn into GARO, because he was kicking everybody and everything's ass quite handily already without the suit, but then what else made sense in this show? Not exactly anything, but at least it wasn't boring!


Bob Johns said...

THis kind of looks cool as heck!

EEGAH!! said...

You know Bob, I don't really know much about this genre, but this show was interesting, bizarre, kind of funny, and violent, but not gory. It will keep your attention, but then I only have a five second attention span!

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