Monday, February 19, 2018


Today we're taking a look at the movies from the sixties featuring that big old fighting fool, Godzilla! There were only two prior movies from the fifties with Big G, GODZILLA, KINGS OF THE MONSTERS (1954) and GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (1955) and in both, the big lizard was nothing but a mean machine and there was nothing nice about him, at all... When he returns in the sixties, he actually becomes a good guy so to speak and helps earthlings fight off many tons of bad monsters, some from outer space!! So, put your hands together for our hulking hero!

He finally returns in 1962 in the epic adventure, KING KONG vs. GODZILLA. In this story, a pharmaceutical company captures King Kong and brings him to Japan, where he escapes from captivity and battles Godzilla in an all out monster war! Looks like they're doing some swing dancing in the photo!!

In 1964 he returns in MOTHRA vs. GODZILLA, where, a greedy developer unwittingly hatches a gigantic egg in Tokyo, while Godzilla steps in to battle the giant moth after it hatches.

Although his name doesn't appear in the title, Godzilla is back in GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER in 1964. After a meteorite unleashes a three-headed beast near Tokyo, Mothra tries to unite with Godzilla and Rodan to battle the extraterrestrial threat!

Nick Adams stars in GODZILLA vs. MONSTER ZERO from 1965, in this tale, aliens from Planet X request the use of Godzilla and Rodan to fight off King Ghidorah, but they actually have a nefarious use in store for the three monsters.

Next up is GODZILLA vs. THE SEA MONSTER from 1966, here, a young man steals a boat to find his brother, but he and his shipmates become shipwrecked on a mysterious island inhabited by a giant sea monster and a slumbering Godzilla!.. Hey, Tokyo gets a break!

Then we gots one of the strangest Big G offerings with SON OF GODZILLA from 1967. Scientists experimenting with changes in weather patterns on a tropical island get a few surprises when Godzilla shows up to battle humongous insects and protect his little son, Minya!..

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS from 1969 is one of the funnest of all the Godzilla titles... Aliens release all the giant monsters on Earth from their imprisonment in Monster Land and are using them to destroy all major cities. Wow, what a great name, Monster Land! Anyway, it's up to the brave crew of the super rocket ship X-2 to infiltrate the aliens' headquarters before the Earth monsters and King Ghidorah annihilate the planet!!

Okay, GODZILLA'S REVENGE from 1969 IS the nuttiest Godzilla (kid) flick out there! In this story, a bullied schoolboy dreams of traveling to Monster Island, where he befriends Godzilla's son, who is also having bully troubles! Still, lots of fun to watch, from a more innocent time...

Well, that's the post, tons (ha ha) o' fun!! Show up again on Wednesday when Eegah!! will have more Wild Dungeon Cargo for us all...

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Randall Landers said...

With the exception of GODZILLA'S REVENGE, this is my favorite timeframe for the Big G's movies, especially DESTROY ALL MONSTERS and MONSTER ZERO.

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