Friday, February 9, 2018

MUNCHIES / Golden Rain Productions - 1987

Well, I guess that one good Corman production deserves a crappy one! Roger is producer on this small puppet monster flick that were so popular in the eighties, like GREMLINS, CRITTERS, GHOULIES, HOBGOBLINS, BEASTIES, TROLL and more!! This story goes like this... A space archaeologist (huh?!) discovers a "Munchies" in a cave in Peru! His evil twin brother and snack food entrepreneur kidnaps the creature, but, when chopped up, they regenerate into many new creatures, and, they are freakin' mean little ass holes!

This thing stars the great Harvey (THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW) Korman in a dual role of good and evil brothers. The rest of the cast are pretty much second string actors...

Bad Harvey and his partner in crime go to their snack food factory to deliver the Munchie he took from his brother. His helper's having some trouble figuring out what the Hell's going on!

So, worker dude has to deal with the little monster after breaking out of its jail... Must be time to chop up this stinkin' little piece of garbage!!

The pieces come to life and they end up with the rifle, you figure how that could have happened. You can tell, they have a twisted sense o' humor!

They love going through your shit, and, if you don't like it...

Thankfully, there are some hot chicks for us and the Munchies to drool over!

Oh look, how cute!!.. The little guy gots the Munchies!

Here's another classic shot from the eighties, a cute girl bent over exposing herself for all the kiddies (and Munchies) out there in Filmland...

We'll end the fun with this great shot of a Munchie out of control in a car, watch the Hell out!! So then, the only question is, what in the Hell will Eegah!! have for us tomorrow?


Eddie Bitsko said...

Nobody ever listens to ME!!

KD said...

A shame that a filmmaker as talented as Corman (e.g., THE INTRUDER!) has resorted to producing/financing crap like MUNCHIES and much of the rest of his New World/New Horizons productions of the 70s/80s/90s. As such, his legacy is sadly a bit shaky after all these years.

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