Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dungeon SATURDAY AFTERNOON FLICK - "King Kong vs. Godzilla" - 1963

Dungeon bringing you real classic 'rock'em sock'em' total action feature this afternoon! Star everbloody favorite, King Kong + Godzirra wif' lots-o cool stills to satisfy happy place in you nut brain!

Japanese version have music by Akira Ifukube, who else?.. We have nice clip where kid get to sing on magic radio, thank you Eegah!! He always make it fun!

Okay, now we startin' the show!.. KING KONG CAN'T MAKE A MONKEY OUT OF US! Ha, just keep saying that to you silly self!

Dirty ratz-a-fratz!.. Drunk Navy guy crash brand new atomic sub into iceberg, let us see wha' hoppin'.. Hey, guess what?! Godzilla wuz asleep in there!!! Pretty sure called 'double whammy' in professional gameshow world!

Now Godzilla all grumpy and pissed at same time, was almost ready to score in excellent dream he was having! Better take cover, human jerk!!

Lots of weird adventure tracking down big hairy ape King Kong on lost island!

Easy to trick stupid animal when it come to taste buds!.. Knock out drops in ice cold beer! Hey, where is King Kong' pillow, anyway?.. Yawn!

And, when I wake up, King Kong wuz in Japan!!.. Come on, WHAT HELL!!

Uh oh, Godzilla still pissed!! He need anger management class!

Crap, Bireley's closed!!!

To get King Kong to fight area they first humiliate him with giant balloon flight over downtown Japan!! KK say in interview later, "Everbloody could see my butt!"

Now, four action still to enjoy!!

See, nice!!

These guy know how to fight!.. DIRTY!!!

Might as well document it, can use for blackmail later!


The world watch as King Kong swim back to his lost island! Goodbye, old pal! And, thanks for helping tear the crap outta Japan!.. Again!! Thanks!!


prof. grewbeard said...

great selection of stills, but no pics of the two Bond girls, Akiko Wakabayashi & Mie Hama! but i forgive you...

Mario said...

Okay, King Kong seems to have won this one, courtesy of the thunder lightning, but who did go on to make the most movies ? Yes, Godzilla. Nuff' said ! Keep up the good work !

Ivan said...

Wonderful stuff, both the audio and images--thanks!

And I'm so glad Monster Movie Music decided not to return to hibernation: hooray!

Christopher said...

I hate to be Buzz Killington, but the music you posted is NOT by Akira Ifukube. It's stock music that was added into the US recut/reedit. I THINK it's from The Return of The Creature. Could be wrong. The only bit that's from the original soundtrack was posted is the music that comes out of the radio given to the natives.

TABONGA! said...

HI C, Tabonga listen again and boy, you right! We have fix soundclip to relinquish all reference to Big U! Thanks for heads up!!

Christopher said...

My pleasure. Anything for my favorite blog! I've got a pretty huge collection of old and rare Toho stuff (Mostly soundtracks and movies) if you guys ever need anything.

Eegah!!! said...

Yo Chris,
Nice compliment, nice offer! We'll see what the future holds in store! Thanx again!!

Greg Goodsell said...

You have to remember that Godzilla has the brain of a chick pea -- he's pure brute force! One of my favorite lines.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed that Godzilla looks like Elmo while he walks towards the girl that fell into the water? (works only when the camera is exactly in front and slightly below him, so the eyes stick out just like muppet monster eyes)

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