Monday, February 26, 2018


Today we take a look at the Horror and Sci-fi Movies of one of my favorite character actors, Mr. Paul Dubov. He was also a writer for TV with 16 credits that includes HONEY WEST, THE GREEN HORNET, LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE, MY THREE SONS, MOD SQUAD, THE BRADY BUNCH, WONDER WOMAN, EIGHT IS ENOUGH and BACKSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. He also appeared in SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE, ONE STEP BEYOND and THE TWILIGHT ZONE...

We start with THE ATOMIC KID from 1954, Paul only had a small part in this one. Mickey Rooney stars as a uranium prospector in the desert where atom bombs are being tested. He becomes radioactive, and helps the FBI break up an enemy spy ring.

Then, in 1955, Paul scores the role as the radiation infected human, Radek, in Roger Corman's DAY THE WORLD ENDED. The Mutant deep sixes Radek for stealing his meat!

Paul is back in 1956 in the role of Johnny, the arcade guy, in THE SHE-CREATURE. Unfortunately, Paul gets killed by the monster in this one too!

Then, he gets the role of Marcel the greasy owner of the bar in VOODOO WOMAN from 1957. This time, he avoids being killed, but, his partners in crime, Marla English and Lance Fuller, become the victims instead!

Okay, check it out... Paul appears in three movies in a row that have Paul Blaisdell's rubber monsters in them, how many people can make that claim?!!

Then, wow, Paul plays Lt. Milburn in one of my all time favorites, THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE from 1959. And, wouldn't you know it, Paul gets melted by a heat ray inside the saucer and becomes a fortune of war along with the two guys behind Arthur Franz!

Last on the list is SHOCK CORRIDOR from 1963, Paul plays Dr. Menkin in this super weird flick that also stars Peter Breck, Constance Towers, Gene Evans and James Best. Paul appeared in some of the best monster movies from the fifties, he'll always be one of my favorites! Join us again on Wednesday as we continue down the old bloody Dungeon trail...

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KD said...

Now, that would make a kewl character name in a b-film: "Radek Dubov"!

I always thought Mr. Dubov looked like a barber. Put one of those white smocks on him like barbers used to wear in the olden days, oh, and..."I'll take a crew cut, Radek, and give me lots of Butch Wax, Mister Dubov!"




"ACK! Too much Butch Wax, buddy! I want a crew cut, not a damn mohawk!"


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