Saturday, September 25, 2010

KAIJÛ DAISENSO - Akira Ifukube - "Monster Zero This Time" (1965)

Wow!! Well, that was tricky, I just figgered out, we already did this movie! About two years ago, Rodan wrote this review: "Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero", but rather than waste all the time I've put into it already, I'm going to forge ahead anyway! If you want the basic storyline, go read the other review, and besides, looking at the screencaps I've got, it looks like a completely different movie anyway!

See, here's the problem, when you're working in English, "Kaijû Daisenso" has a multitude of different names, besides "Monster Zero" and "Godzilla Vs Monster Zero" there is also "Invasion Of Astro Monster," "Invasion Of The Astros," "Battle Of The Astros" and the literal translation is "War Of The Monsters" which is a completely different flick!

The moral of this tale is, if aliens from another planet want to borrow your giant monsters, you might want to suspect something fishy is going on! Good thinkin'!!!

Welcome to the past's vision of the future!

Nick Adams as Astronut Glenn Amer, and Akira Takarada as Astronut K. Fuji, got some "Bevis and Butthead" going on, if you ask me!!

This would be Planet X!!

Akira Takarada, or as he was also known, Mr. Handsome, starred in six Godzilla movies, and the interesting thing is, he played a different character in each and every one of them! He has a daughter by the name of Michiru Kojima, who is a Pop singer!!

Planet X is quite an organic place!!

Nick's love interest is Kumi Mizuno as Miss Namikawa! Kumi is a jewel and is in at least four of our favorite movies, "Godzilla Vs The Sea Monster," Mantango," "The War Of The Gargantuas," and the Woody Allen classic, "What's Up Tiger Lilly?"

I just love this shot!!

You gotta love the guys from Planet X, in the center photo, I think you can get a pretty good idea of what command central would look like inside an anthill if you had an x-ray microscope!!

The music in this Ishirô Honda classic is once again created by the prolific Akira Ifukube, a man with an amazing 269 composing credits under his belt!!

Nick and Akira remain in the spotlight, they actually did all the choreographed dance numbers from "West Side Story" but they were left on the cutting room floor!

It's the Gojira and Rodan Show, come and get some!!!

Gojira does his impersonation of Rodin's "The Thinker" but Rodan is not impressed!!

In the end, King Ghidorah gets his ass kicked again!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

everything returns to Zero eventually!...

zillagord said...

Saved by Zero.

R. Claude said...

Beautiful shooting ! I like these photogramms . Thanks.

andonator2000 said...

I absolutely love this movie! I think I'm going to watch it again! Thanks!

Christopher said...

who the hell wants to be called a ZERO?.

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