Saturday, February 3, 2018

DEADLY DUO - "One Good, One Not So Good" (1962)

The  Special this night is a 1962 flick called "Deadly Duo," and deceit and trickery abound!

"Deadly Duo" is 70 minutes long, and the out of control car on the poster is 37 seconds of it, but then it does say "Double-Cross" on the poster!
So now there's a Mother/Widow left behind in Acapulco, Mexico, and a rich Grandmother who wants her grandson, because the Mother was once a dancer with her twin sister in a degenerate nightclub in Mexico!

 When I see a shot like this, all I can think is ...

 Irene Tedrow was on almost every TV show you could ever imagine in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's! She was in two "Twilight Zone" episodes, "Walking Distance, and "The Lateness Of The Hour," and was on shows as divergent as "Dragnet," "Dennis The Menace," and "Magnum, P.I.!"

 Marcia Henderson plays twin sisters, one good and one sorta evil!! The bad one is blonde, the good one is a brunette, or just the opposite of what it should be, as was Marcia Henderson's life! Marcia won an award in 1950 for her portrayal of Wendy in a Broadway production of "Peter Pan" that included Boris Karloff as a cast member! She was only 58 when she succumbed to the seriously nasty disease called lupus!

 Whoa! So That's what a Margarita tastes like! I could power a blog with this stuff! Wow!!

 I admit that "Deadly Duo" is not the most exciting movie you're ever going to see, but it is almost flawless in an early use of the same actress doing more than one character in a scene together ala "Orphan Black!" This was convincingly done 56 years ago! I'm impressed if nobody else is!

 C'mon, isn't this the greatest shot of bystanders you've ever seen or not?

 1962 - Smokin' and Drinkin' and Drinkin' and Smoklin'! I'm surprised any of us survived!

This club is called El Gallo, aka The Rooster, and they probably should have spent some more time there, and had some kind of musical act too, but they kind of missed that whole boat!

 So if you do a search for "Deadly Duo" poster, here's just a ramblin' sample of what you might find!
This 25 cent Dell paperback from 1959 is a damn fine example!

 I almost had a stroke when I came across this 1966 wrasslin' magazine that featured a 'special' "Deadly Duo" on the cover!

The 1964 Marvel comic "Strange Tales" featured a story called "Pawns Of The Deadly Duo!"

That's a really big ax!

Last but not least is this 1994 Image comic by the same name!
"Deadly Duo," two words that go together nicely I guess!

As my good friend, DJ, Musician, and Movie Maniac, Lord Litter would say......

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KD said...

Thanks for bringing DEADLY DUO to our attention! I really dig the vibe of this film, and now I need to see it!

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