Monday, April 12, 2010

SAN DAIKAIJÛ: CHIKYÛ SAIDAI NO KESSEN - Akira Ifukube - "The Greatest Fight On Earth" (1964)

"Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster" is a crazy movie, any way you wanna look at it! Whether it's Ghidrah or Ghidorah, or Glen and Glenda, whether it's really a Godzilla or a Gojira movie, or a Mothra or a Mosura movie, or a Radon or Rodan movie, doesn't make any difference, no matter which Kaiju is your fave, or how you wanna say it, there's something here for everybody!!

Some how it just works out that way, and I don't know why, but since there is plenty of the monster with three heads to go around, and in an effort to demonstrate how sick like minds work, here is the way Professor Grewbeard rolled recently..... "Three Heads Are Worser Than One!!"

Nice hand!! Three Queens! Unfortunately, the bad guys have all the Aces, and those Jokers are wild!!

I'll bet a person can make a good living working as an extra in Japan!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another exciting edition of 'WTF TV!'

And, of course, whenever Mothra is in town, those little Peanut Fairies aren't going to be far behind, making TV appearances etc. This would be the last reprisal of the fairy roles by the twins Yûmi Ito and Emi Ito!

I forgot all about the doily era in Japanese history.

Now here's a cool design for a phone you don't see that very often!!

Once these country guys hit the big city they sure turned into a big pack of Sleaze Weasels on the prowl!

Godzilla finally decides to make an appearance! Uh, Oh, he's got his old suit on!!

The Peanuts turn out the lights to keep the bad guys in the dark!

"Gosh, Look at the size of that thing!" "Oh, Boy, look at the thing!" Oh, my goodness!"

I love the footage of Ghidrah coming onto the scene straight out of a big ole ball of fire!!!

Hey! All you knuckleheads just get out of the way, me and Gojira got a score to settle here!!

Radon, is a short version of the Japanese word for Pteranodon, an extinct toothless flying reptile!!

The music for this, yet another Ishirô Honda epic, was composed once again by the ever so prolific Akira Ifukube!!

Originally King Ghidorah was supposed to breath fire, but they decided to go with the super destructive gravity rays instead!!

Can't we all just get along??

Here's Masaki Shinohara on the left as Radon, and Haruo Nakajima on the right as Gojira, in a nice shot to end this tale!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

good timing, guys! and i just got through watching Godzilla's Revenge, too! now i'm gonna go put on my doily and shades!...

Christopher said...

Gidorah and Gojira and all them other fellas shoulda been fitted with Queen Ann Collars too....Hey!rook at dat!

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