Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WORLD GONE WILD - "The Future Looks Dim" (1987)

Welcome to Wild World Wednesday down in The Dungeon!

"World Gone Wild" is a 1987 post-apocalyptic tale of greed and survival. It's a story about two men and their followers! Water is a rare commodity in the future, and everybody wants it!

One guy is Ethan, the stoner leader of the people who have the water in a secluded place in the desert called Lost Wells! 100 years in the future, and he still wears a Zig-Zag man button!

The other guy is Adam Ant as Derek, the leader of a bunch of goons dressed all in white who want the water too!

 Derek and Ethan don't like each other for obvious reasons!

 This is what Derek has for Ethan!

And this is what Ethan has for Derek!!

The story is loosely based on the classic "Seven Samurai," or "The Magnificent Seven," but it is really hard to imagine Bruce Dern as Yul Brynner, or Adam Ant as Eli Wallach! Also, why is there nudity and foul language in a film that is seemingly otherwise geared for a twelve year old! What the heck? It's a "World Gone Wild," and just like "Girls Gone Wild," it was made to make money, not sense. and I'm pretty sure they lost out in both those departments! If you want to watch a good Bruce Dern movie, then go watch one of his old biker movies or "Nebraska" instead, or just sit around and wait for one of the seven projects he's involved with in 2018! (I might just do that myself!)


KD said...

My favorite Bruce Dern movie is probably Doug Trumbull's wonderful SILENT RUNNING, but I like most anything he's in. I have the DVD of NEBRASKA, but never saw WORLD GONE WILD! And while I tend to enjoy most post-apoc films, this flick I'd think I'd rather give a pass!

Adam Ant?!?

Grant said...

I agree about SILENT RUNNING.

Bruce Dern really made a partial career out of playing spooky violent characters, but somehow most of my favorite ones are his kind of spooky non-violent characters, like the ones in PSYCH-OUT and CASTLE KEEP.

KD said...

I remember him well in Hitchcock's final film, FAMILY PLOT, but less for his actual performance than for what the TV network did to "censor" some language in the film.

For example, when Dern is talking to Barbara Harris' character, in the theater he said "Oh, fer CHRISSAKES, Blanche!" at least once or twice, but on network television, that was dubbed to become "Fer RICE CAKES, Blanche!"

That's how it became a running joke for a few weeks, about three decades ago, as in "Oh, fer RICE CAKES, dude!" *eyeroll*

Grant said...

I know the movie so badly, that's one of the few things that stay with me about it too! It's about the only time I've ever heard that phrase, and that explains it. (I though the movie was just picturing him as someone who felt guilty about using the other phrase, and using that version instead.)

KD said...

Haha! Well, as somebody who used to eat those crunchy tasteless styrofoam things, rice cakes are bad enough as it is! but to use them to dub over the voice of the great Bruce Dern!!! Absolutely criminal!

We oughtta sic a horde of Zantis on whoever came up with "fer RICE CAKES!" >:<

EEGAH!! said...

You guys reminded me that my Mom never cussed when I was growing up, but if she got really angry about something, she would blurt out "SPIT!"

KD said...

My dad would shrug his shoulders, say "NOV SHMOZ KA POP!" and walk away!

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