Friday, January 5, 2018


Oh man, I am so sick today... Like a mailman, I have to deliver this post, without a sub though! Besides the headache, my Niagara Falls nose is really getting on my freakin' nerves!!

Edison's FRANKENSTEIN is really something to behold, it's just plain weird, and crude! The artwork reminds me of the 78 rpm records my parents had.

This Universal poster art for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA starring Lon Chaney is super busy. Check out that claim.. And a cast of 5000 'others.' Looks like that term has been replaced with 'extras' nowadays.

Lon also worked for MGM Studios, here's a very nice poster for the lost movie, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT!

Wow, this poster for MGM's FAUST looks like a cover for an old horror pulp magazine!!

In Germany, their movie posters sometimes reflected the Euro Cubist art movement, like in this poster for THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI...

This poster for THE GOLEM ist plain insane, damn, what a crazy, creepy place to live!

Lastly we have HAXAN, an awesome Swedish-Danish production. We have a nude maiden and a peeping tom devil on this poster! Check in tomorrow when Eegah!! keeps the ball rolling, here, at the Dungeon!


Dr. Theda said...

Good Choices !! (had only seen half of these before).... Great post, Guys... And have a great Weekend...

TABONGA! said...

Hey Doc - Boy, how different these posters are from today's super gloss crap! Thanks for checking in, always appreciated.

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