Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CREATURES FROM "GRIMM" Season One (2011)

When you live on a steady diet of the past, you have a tendency to miss out on what's happening in the present time, and by the time you finally get around to it, it's the past again! Well, that's how I feel about the TV series "GRIMM." I didn't even know it existed until a month or so ago, or as Jimi would say, "I don't live today, maybe tomorrow, I just can't say!"

 So, for those of you living under a rock like me, here's a handful of some of the creatures from the first half of Season One of "GRIMM" from 2011. This is really as far as I have got! Running for six seasons with up to 22 shows a season, I might never get caught up unless I do nothing else for a while!! A lot of time it slips into being a regular cop TV show, but the rest of the time, it's not too bad, and quite imaginative, especially as far as the monsters are concerned, and it's difficult to find good monsters these days!

This guy is one of the main characters! He's part of the Blutbaden family, which is basically a werewolf more or less!

This is what a dead Blutbad predator looks like!

This is a Hexenbiest, better known as a witch! A witch doesn't really seem to fit in with all the animals, but I guess if you consider that it's Grimm's Fairy Tales and not Animal Planet, it makes sense!

The Jägerbär is part of the bear family!

The Mellifers are akin to bees!

 The Ziegevölk is a horny goat!!

The Reinigen is a seedy rodent, or a dirty rat!

A Bauerschweine is a pig that likes to take mud baths! Of course, this one is also a cop!!

The Fuchsbau is related to the fox! Watch out for those claws!!

The Siegbarste is another creature that is not an animal but is prevalent in fairy tales, the big ass ogre! This is one tough thick skinned sumbitch!!

The Lausenschlange snake dude is pretty creepy! Of course, he's a lawyer! What else would a snake possibly be?

The Mauzhertz is a mouse, and he's not mighty at all!

This Fuchsbau fox is a little more civilized than that female, until you know what he's really up to!

I'm not real sure about this one, but I think it's another Fuchsbau! His more important role is that of a victim of a Spinnetod!

The Eisbiber is of the beaver family! Man, I sure don't want any artificial butter flavor for my popcorn from his anal glads!

This lovely pair of Spinnetods are vampire spiders that you don't want to have anything to do with! Period!
So I know I'm late to the dance, it's the story of my life, but better later than never, right? I also plan on being late for my funeral! See you Saturday with something special, I guarantee or your money back!


zillagord said...

Portland represent!

EEGAH!! said...

I'm pretty sure this show is set in Portland because these creatures actually exist there, SO..... which one are you, anyway?

TABONGA! said...

One damn ton o' fun!! A real hoot...

KD said...

We've got a few of 'em in Phoenix, too! Just visit any Circle K... ;)

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