Wednesday, January 3, 2018

DER FLUCH DER GELBEN SCHLANGE - "The Curse Of The Yellow Snake" - Edgar Wallace (1963)

 It's Edgar Wallace Wednesday down in The Dungeon, and tonight's feature is called "Der Fluch Der Gelben Schlange," or auf Englisch........

 "The Curse Of The Yellow Snake!"

 "The Curse Of The Yellow Snake" is a bizarre little film! It's got all the regular players starting with Joachim Fuchsberger who I always like, but he basically always plays himself, sometimes as a cop, sometimes on the other side, and sometimes in the middle, like right here!

 Another regular player in these German Edgar Wallace films is Werner Peters! Werner usually plays the same kind of character too, normally, a sweaty nervous two-timing loser, and he's very good at it!

 This is the pragmatic shot! If it works, use the living Hell out of it!

These two gentlemen are half brothers, Pinkas Braun as Fing-Su/St. Clay on the left, and Joachim Fuchsberger as Clifford Lynn on the right! They don't like each other!

It's a story about two brothers, one with a Chinese Mother, and......

.........Two sisters, except one of them is really a neice! I had to go back and watch the beginning again to figure it all out myself!
Doris Kirchner and Brigitte Grothum are the sisters!

Clifford Lynn and his brother couldn't be more different! Cliff's an easygoing nice guy, and his brother Fing-Su iis more interested in world domination, and the secret to that is a little sculpture called the Yellow Snake! The Chinese think that whoever has the Yellow Snake will have all the power, so there is fierce competition for it!

While these guys are running around, it gives me a good opportunity to do something I haven't done in a while! The music in this film is composed by Krimi-Classic composer Raimund Rosenberger, and it's so odd, you just need to listen to this 42 second snippet! I'm not sure if the guy thought that sounded Chinese or what, but he obviously was an early electronic wizard of some sort! I can't say I know what the Hell is going on, but you can Check it out for yourself right HERE!

Yes, they really did use this shot!!

That would have been some tough extra work for me! If I stay bent over like that for more than 30 seconds my back starts killing me!

There's lots of Chinese knives in this movie, and they use them for all kinds of purposes....

 ..............even delivering the mail!

So that gets this new year started nicely I think! They had the golden serpent hidden for years to keep it from the bad guys! In the end of the movie, they just break it to stop the power grab, and that's that! Let's just hope it wasn't a copy and that the real one isn't in Asia some place where it could fall into the wrong hands, or maybe it already has!

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