Saturday, January 27, 2018

THE VAULT OF HORROR - "Below The Crypt Lies Death's Waiting-Room" (1973)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is called "The Vault Of Horror" and like it's predecessor, "Tales From The Crypt," it's based on E.C. comics! These vignettes are written by Al Feldstein, and William M. Gaines!

The short story format of comics is perfect for an anthology of tales like this!

 They do a pretty fair job, but it's hard to compete with the original in the sicko department!

"The Vault Of Horror" is a movie about five guys trapped in a room together with a bunch of booze, and stories about their worst nightmares!

The first tale features Daniel (Warlords Of The Deep) Massey, and is titled............

.........."Midnight Mess!" 

He seems to have found himself in a vampire restaurant, and he's the main course!

The next bad dream is called "The Neat Job," and features the always marvelous Terry-Thomas as the most anal retentive OCD asshole on the planet!

But you have to admit that he's got a pretty damn cool bar!

The lovable Glynis (Lady Penelope Peasoup) Johns is the unfortunate wife who can't do anything right! I love that checkered ashtray!

She finally manges to put something in the right place!
(Now this shot in pure E.C.)

Next up is "This Trick'll Kill You" featuring Curd (Circus Of Love, Prisoners Of Love) Jürgens as a scheming magician and his equally greedy wife as played by Dawn (The Vampire Lovers) Addams.

Of course he kills the snake charmer and just like in "Cult Of The Cobra" .........

.........Somebody has to pay the price!

This would be a great postcard from Transylvania!

The fourth story called "Bargain In Death" features Michael (Mysterious Island) Craig as a man with a plan to fake his death and get buried alive to collect insurance money that fails, and a couple of shout outs to E.C. comics too!

The last nightmare titled "Drawn And Quartered" stars Tom (Dr. Who) Baker as a tortured Gauguinish artiste!

It seems that what he paints comes true!

Well, you probably saw that coming!!

This just seemed like the prefect place to end it, so while we're having a pensive moment, just in case you ever wondered, I'd just like to tell anybody who leaves comments, I know it's annoying, but even we have to prove we're not robots!
Thanx for tuning in!


Jeff said...

Totally worth it to confirm my non-mechanical 'life-form' to be able to comment on your awesome blog.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx for the laff Jeff!

Randall Landers said...

I always enjoy seeing Tom Baker in roles other than as Dr. Who. This particular vignette, "Drawn And Quartered," appeals to me a lot.

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