Friday, January 12, 2018


Since it's Friday the 12th, well, that means time for More Great Movie Monster Models to drool over!.. So, Enjoy!!

We start with FROM HELL IT CAME. Now, that's what I call a great movie monster!! I tried to find EEGAH!! in model form, but with no luck... What The Hell, Man?!!

Wow, nice model for THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, you can get a good look at all the fine detail the artist put into the piece.

Here's a wild version of the Rat-Bat-Spider Monster from THE ANGRY RED PLANET! Besides this nightmare, there were other great monsters in this freaky movie, one Eegah!! and I saw together at the show back in the day!

THE BLACK SCORPION is another great movie monster, here it is picking up a tank, showing its awesome dominance over puny humans!

Check out this super cool model for THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK! Man, I remember seeing this crazy movie when it came out in 1958, it was something else!

This model for THE GREEN SLIME is eye popping, those colors really compliment that great design. Super nice piece!

Holy crap, check out this wild scene from THE KILLER SHREWS, poor old Jerry gets his just desserts as the shrews jump his sorry ass!!

Here's the FIRST MAN INTO SPACE model. Man, I wonder how many craters the artist had to render into that full figure?.. Wowzers!!

The post just wouldn't be complete without ROBOT MONSTER! What a fun low-budget blend of jungle and science fiction, with that helmet, he's obviously from another world!

Saw THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON in 1959, it was pretty creepy at the time. Dungeon Pal Robert Clarke was definitely part of the Monster Craze of the Fifties!!

Well then, that's it for today, but, we're back tomorrow with more Dungeon Cargo for you!..


Dr. Theda said...

Awesome Post Guys...!!! (had seen the "Green Slime" one)... very cool items !! have a great weekend !

Bob Johns said...


KD said...

They're all uber-cool, but for moi: Ro-Man ROCKS! (Bubbles cost extra...)

Grant said...

COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK has one big distinction for me, and that's that it's nearly the only movie that managed to scare me completely in broad daylight.

Randall Landers said...

Outstanding models!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks for the great comments guys, you all make our day better, here at The Dungeon!

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