Monday, January 29, 2018


I'm ending my month of posts with another look at some very cool monster models from films and TV... It's amazing how much time and talent was put into the creation of these beautiful pieces, WOW!!

First up is the wild looking FRANKENSTEIN monster from Edison's silent movie, the detail on this figure is just freaking amazing!!

Next we gots the exotic Xenomorph space creature from Universal Studio's IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.

Check out this great model from MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS, that's a wild looking Neanderthal figure that includes the giant dragonfly and prehistoric fish that causes all the trouble! Saw this fun movie at the theater in 1958.

Eegah!! and I saw this crazy flick when when it came out, we absolutely loved THE MANSTER, it was 73 minutes of intense creepiness from beginning to end!!

We also got to see this incredible George Pal production at the theater in 1960, man, THE TIME MACHINE had it all, a great blend horror and science fiction!

I almost crapped myself when I came across this truly incredible model from THE CREEPING TERROR! Damn, the creature actually looks half way terrifying!! Nice piece...

Now we switch over to four excellent monsters from THE OUTER LIMITS! Here's a nice close up of one of "The Zanti Misfits" from the first season... Man, what kind of thing from Hell is that?! This episode stars the great Bruce Dern...

Then we have this mind boggling creature from "The Architects Of Fear" episode, starring Dungeon hero, Robert Culp!!

Check out this super weird creature from "The Mice" episode. Man, what were they smoking when they came up with this 'out there' thing?!!

We'll end with this fantastic creature from "The Invisible Enemy" starring Adam West. Wow, that's extra creepy!! So, Eegah!! will be here on Wednesday with our last post for January!


KD said...

Cool stuff! I'd give my (fill in the blank) for that Chromoite critter from OUTER LIMITS! The Chino character in the episode, played by the great Henry Silva, was meant to be swapped with a Chromoite from the planet Chromo via teleportation. Chino called it a "garbage eater" during the episode, in which the creature sucked up globs of what looked like marshmallow creme that seemed to grow from ping-pong ball-like "spores" it tossed in a lake near the teleportation lab, once it had materialized on earth. The original script title was, I believe, "Exchange Program," much better than calling it "The Mice" IMHO. Great episode!

Excuse the tortured paragraph above, but the Chromite just does that to me!

TABONGA! said...

No prob, Bro =

Randall Landers said...

Great models, great memories!

Grant said...

As great as Diana Sands and the other actors are, Henry Silva really steals that episode.

KD said...


Diana Sands is impressive as well, but "people" aside, the bizarre Chromoite "suit" (along with the crackling claw movements and marshmallow creme-eating business) makes the creature itself the show's incredibly shocking high point for me, stealing all the attention away from the humans...especially for this nine-year-old back in January 1964!

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