Friday, January 13, 2017

THE HEARSE / Marimark Productions - 1980

It's Friday, so, I guess it's time for this little horror flick, the story's about a girl who's haunted by a phantom hearse, which she believes is connected to her dead aunt, a witch with a bad reputation in their town! The tagline sez... There is a door between life and death, and now, that door is open!

The movie stars Trish (THE CHANGELING) Van Devere and Joseph (FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON) Cotton. Joseph was sure in a lot of bad movies near the end of his career, but, not as bad as Keenan Wynn.

Although the story is supposed to take place in the Bay Area, it was actually filmed at Griffith Park, what else!

What The Hell?!!.. Where'd this freakin' ID Monster come from?!

I like this shot because of the colors, chartreuse, pink and lime green, nice!

Joseph Cotton plays Walter Prichard, local big wig and ultra lush, here he is getting the damn sheriff lit at work!.. Man, the good old days!

The movie takes a while to get going, so, they throw in this albino dude to get you to think he's the bad guy!

This is the mysterious driver of The Hearse making an appearance at the cemetery.

If you look real hard, you can barely make out Trish in the shower.

Then she dreams about seeing herself in a casket at her own funeral!.. Good one!

Here's a fun shot of some early eighties doofus dudes, fulla mischief and other stuff.

Albino Guy shows up again to see if he can help out. There's just something cool about this scene in a well lit yellow dining room.

Oh yeah, guess what?!.. Joseph gets strangled in the shower!.. Who could have done this?

The Hearse is chasing Trish... Yow! That Packard grille looks like it's biting the car!

Here's the real bad guy, Tom Sullivan, played by David (STAR TREK: THE MOVIE) Gautreaux. He's also the Hearse Driver and he can go Poof!

This is a beautiful still showing The Hearse meeting its doom... Or, does it?! Anyway, check in tomorrow for something special, here, at The Dungeon!

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