Monday, January 9, 2017


One good turn deserves another around here! I have a double Godzilla feature with Destoroyah and SpaceGodzilla, so, guess whazzup today?! After this post, I'll put the DVD up for sale on eBay since we've now reviewed both titles...

Our story goes like this... Godzilla is threatened by two new forces. First, there's Mogera, another giant robot war machine built by the UN, then, SpaceGodzilla, a beast spawned from Godzilla's particles in space!

The first Godzilla movie I ever saw at the theater in the early seventies, at a drive in. It's a little weird, but, I don't even remember seeing a poster for any Toho movie in the fifties or sixties in our little town! TV was to only way to catch one.

Here's the war machine, Mogera, as it gets ready for testing. If it looks familiar, well, that's because it was designed to resemble the MYSTERIANS' giant robot from 1957!

Great shot of the big guy leaving the sea and making his way yet again onto Japanese soil.

After SpaceGodzilla crashes to the ground, there's a confrontation between the two behemoths. They seem evenly matched and neither gets a real advantage.

SpaceGodzilla changes back to its crystal form and heads for the city. Once there, the thing crystallizes the area into a nightmare for us Earthlings!

This is my favorite shot... Can you imagine having your day at the theme park ruined because Godzilla was cutting through the lines?!

Mogera shows up and starts firing missiles at the crystal monster from the dark void.

Sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful than utter destruction and/or obliteration!

The long battles continue, Mogera ist kaput, and, after getting his clock cleaned by SpaceGodzilla, our hero plays his ace in the hole. He reaches into his core and pulls out his winning powers and blows his foe to freakin' High Hell...

The big guy has done it again... HOORAY!! We're back on Wednesday with more cool junk from... The Dungeon!

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