Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HARD ROCK ZOMBIES - Paul Sabu - "Shake It Out!" (1985)

For once, we get an honest poster, because "Hard Rock Zombies" the movie, is just as shitty as this poster! Welcome back to The Dungeon!

 Paul Sabu is the guy responsible for the music! Paul is the son of the legendary jungle boy Sabu known for his roles in "The Jungle Book," and "The Thief Of Baghdad," etc.
Paul also wrote the music for the classics "Ghoulies II," and "Meatballs 4!"

 This is E.J. Curse as Jessie, the bass player and lead vocalist for the band! E.J. had his own hair band called Silent Rage!! He comes across as a cross between Freddie Mercury and Freddie Prinze!

 As far as I can tell, the fictional band in the movie doesn't even have a name, they're just a hardworking, hard rock band! This club they're playing in holds about 40 people, and the song they're playing is probably the best one in the movie. Here's an abbreviated version of "Shake It Out!" It's 9000% better than anything KISS ever did!

 And out of that 40, half of them are groupies!!

 On the road again, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it was 1985, so they had to make a stupid video! It was mandatory!

 Speaking of bad videos, here's a YouTube video from an MTV Headbanger's Ball that featured a band called Silent Rage. doing a song called "Rebel With A Cause!" The quality of the video is so bad, I can't tell if it's the same band or not! The song is bad enough, so it must be! Lots and lots of hair, that's for sure!

You can see for yourself, that their career is not going so well!

 Then they meet these Nazi midget guys, and their whole life goes to Hell real quick! (But not really quick enough for me!!)

 The Nazi midgets make sure the band puts on an electrifying performance!

 Then why not? Hitler himself shows up!

 And it just gets weirder and weirder!

 Time to get up close and personal with Grandma!!

 Yeah, this family has some real issues that go back a few generations!!

Nice record collection rivals my own!!

The moral of this story with no morals is:
Never, Ever Pick Up Hitchhikers!!

I admit I had to bail at the end, but the only decent version I could find to watch for free was in what else, but German? Interesting! I also found another version to watch but it was going at about time and a half, so everybody and all the songs sounded like they were on helium, but when DVD's are going for $19.80 and $17.99 on Amazon and eBay, and you want to see a classic 80's hot mess like this, you take what you can get!

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