Saturday, January 7, 2017

GOJIRA VS. DESUTOROIÂ - "Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah" (1995)

Welcome to the first Dungeon Saturday Night Special of 2017! Tonight's flick is a little out of my normal date range, but it's plenty weird and it's a Godzilla movie, so I'm willing to give it a break! The name of Godzilla's foe is translated a bunch of different ways from Destroyer to Destrukto, but I like the French title the best:
Destroyah sounds like the name of a wrassler or the nickname of a boxer!

You might not ever see a better title card than this!

To make it more believable, they set it in the future by one year!

I'm sure for a meager fee Tabonga would gladly make you a painting of this shot!

 Do you think the dollar sign looking fire coming out of Godzilla's tongue is for no reason? The Godzilla franchise has made multi-gazaillions of dollars over the years with not only movies, but cartoons and video games, and is still growing!

By 1996, they have screwed with Godzilla so much that he is now a living nuclear power plant, and he's getting real close to blowing up, and not only destroying Japan, but the whole world!

 They came to one conclusion at the summit! We're Fucked!!

 Is this not the gingiest TV newsroom ever?

 This movie is not exactly a comedy!

 Any person that has taken basic third grade math knows that this means the world is in deep shit!

Crazy ass radioactive crabs mutate into the full blown Destroyah!

 Galeanthropy, Gamic Gamidolatry, or Gigantomachy? What do you think?

 This is one of the coolest doors I've seen lately!

 Here's a couple more mug shots of Destroyah that I think Tabonga could do wonders with on canvas!

 F R EE Z E!!

Destroyah don't listen to nobody!

 The whole world has gone to Hell in a hand bag, and the powers that be choose to watch a "Godzilla" movie on the big screen TV!  Starting to make sense?

 It's hard to believe that the fate of the whole freakin' world is on the shoulders of a guy with a helmet on his head that looks like a watermelon!!

 And now for the news report from the new and improved Stonehenge!

 "Hey!! What's going on inside there anyhow? You cut that out"

 I only have five things to say! Destroyah is one ugly motherfucker!

 NO, NO, Not THE CLAW!!!!

This is a great shot of Godzilla I think!

I'm guessing that out of the hour and forty-three minutes this movie runs, that a good hour and fifteen minutes is monsters fighting or wandering around, or doing something like that!

Does Godzilla melt down and destroy the whole world? Well, kind of, but not exactly! I'll just say this, there have been at least nine more Godzilla movies made since this one was released, so I think you can figure it out from there!
 I'll leave you with this one last shot of the Elvis of all monsters, and here's a minute and nineteen seconds of proof!!

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