Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WHERE THE ACTION IS - Season 2, Episode #231 (1966)

Welcome to "Where The Action Is!" Wednesday from inside the music room of The Dungeon!!

"Where The Action Is!" was a 30 minute show on Monday through Friday for three years from 1965 to 1967 at about 4:00 PM in the afternoon, just in time for when the kids got home from  school! It was a Dick Clark production with time on each show for three or four artists to do one or two songs! Like the AM radio of the time, it featured music of all genres from Rock to Pop to Soul to Folk to Country, and there basically were no boundaries! Let me give you a couple of examples, the talent included Captain Beefheart, Buck Owens, James Brown, Otis Redding, The Standells, The Music Machine, Marvin Gaye, The Byrds, ? and The Mysterians, Al Martino, The Kingston Trio, Roy Orbison, The Seeds, The Yardbirds, The Zombies, Sam & Dave, The 13th Floor Elevators, Love, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on forever!

 Dick puts an exclamation point on "Where The Action Is!"

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First up, the main act on this episode was The Vogues! You'd probably have to talk to their P.R. guy to find out what the que pasos are with the sombreros and serapes!

This sequence of The Robbs with a bunch of young ladies singing "Younger Girl" is just creepy!

The Vogues are back with their big hit, "Five O'Clock World" that made it to number 4 on the Billboard charts in January of 1966!

Odd photo bombing 1966 style!

Sometimes the host of the show was Paul Revere and The Raiders, the rest of the time it was this guy Steve Alaimo! As hard as they tried to make Steve a major commercial success, it just never quite panned out! Steve had 9 songs that made it into the Billboard top 100, but he never had one song break into the top forty!

Shake it, don't break it!

Although he was extremely talented, they just couldn't break Keith Allison either, despite the fact that he played on a lot of other people's successful albums like The Monkees, so he ended up joining Paul Revere and The Raiders for three years! Still rockin' today, Keith currently plays with the Waddy Watchtel band!

Bobby Moore plays his hit, "Searching For My Love," that made it to #27 on the charts, and to #7 on the R and B charts in 1966!!

They even took the show on the road, and were still pushing Steve Alaimo and Keith Allison, and with headliners like The Young Rascals!! Look at those prices kids, four bucks for the best seat in the house!

So, as it turns out, the phrase "Where The Action Is!" will always be now, and was never destined to become where the action was!

 "Where The Action Is!" has continued on through the decades and refuses to slow down!

Because  let's face it, no matter what, you'll never go wrong, as long as you are...
"Where The Action Is!"


Grant said...

I've always been a real Paul Revere and the Raiders fan Somehow those ' 60s nostalgia crazes almost always seem to pass them over (as far as I know).

EEGAH!! said...

That's because Paul Revere and the Raiders were a good band Grant! They're another group of people, along with Procul Harum, and Link Wray and a lot of others that should be in the rock and roll Hall of Fame instead of the likes of Kiss or The Beastie Boys!

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