Monday, January 23, 2017

FLESHEATER / H&G Films Ltd., Hinzman - 1988

The tagline for this $60.000 production goes... He lived, he died, he's back, and he's hungry! The simple story line goes like this... A group of teenagers are taking a hayride and the tractor driver comes across a human grave, inside is a zombie! Now, the teens are falling victim and becoming zombies themselves and eventually there are zombies everywhere!

This is the production of the first zombie you see at the beginning of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Bill Hinzman. There's a tombstone tie in with the original.

Here are the pile of teens on their way to a picnic site. Boy, talk about a great place to have some of that there teenage fun, WOW!

Weird freakin' place to put a latrine!!

Bill, who was in the coffin, finds two teens in the barn and decides to join in on the fun!.. KILL BILL!!!

The first guy Bill kills turns into a zombie and returns the favor with another tractor pilot!

Here's a nice shot of Bill as checks out the teen scene... Hey, you guys wanna play?

Then, some of the live teens find their two friends, well, kinda... DEAD! But, not for long.

This is Terrie Godfrey as The Dispatcher, one of her four acting credits.

Good old Bill wanders into this gal's bedroom and offers to give her a nice neck rub!

One of the teens tries to convince this 'non-zombie believer' that there are a bunch of zombies chasing them around!

This Dracula dude at a Halloween party chugs down a cold beer, just before he dies!

This is probably the creepiest scene as this zombie comes at the teens while a lamp swings back and forth, creating an interesting effect.

The local yokels bring their rifles out for a little zombie target practice!.. YEE-HAW!!

And, they top the whole thing off by shooting a little girl zombie!! Ahhh, the eighties!

Bill gets the last word!.. Nuf' said!!.. Okay, we're back Wednesday with even more wild and weird stuff, just for you'se!

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