Friday, January 27, 2017

BOOGIE VISION / James Bryan Productions - 1977

So, here's a whacked out flick about a struggling independent hippie filmmaker who gets his big break after he finds out that his girlfriend's father is a movie producer. Unknown to the filmmaker is that the father only specializes in porno pictures! So, he cranks out a crappy science fiction stinker in three days but daddy demands countless changes and cannot figure out how to distribute the damn thing.

The best thing about this movie is showing what LA looked like in 1977, so, I'm just going to show some interesting shots rather than try and piece together the dumb ass story...

First of all, there's a lot of amateurish artwork shown throughout the movie...

A nice shot of this biker strutting his stuff, probably at Venice Beach!

To me, this shot of a desperate nude girl in her room really reminds me of 1977.

And, a typical looking dude on the good old Six O'Clock News.

I love everything about this picture!!

Another great shot! Eegah!! had one of the very first skateboards back in I think, 1961, one with the old small metal roller skate wheels. Back then, your worst enemy was a little pebble on the sidewalk!

Then, this!.. It's a pyramid (pyramids were very popular at that time) cooker oven!!

I just love the seediness of this building, brings back memories.

HEEEY!!.. I used to build model balsa wood airplanes like that when I was a kid!

Looks like this damn bottle of coke is somewhere on Mars!

You figure out what's going on here... What a weird mixture of 1977.

Man, that's what I call a beautiful night shot!

I'm going to have to edit the crap outta this thing!

This art dude is working on his project, he's apparently attaching painted objects to a nude with a staple gun! That's what I call good art!

Nudes attack the Dragon Lady!!

Look at the shit they could get away with in 1977!

Then, the nudes try to figure out how to use this robot to their advantage.

A shot of some beautiful vintage syrup and sugar dispenser collectibles!

The perspective is so bad on this drawing, that, we'll just end here! Check in tomorrow for something special, here, at The Dungeon!!

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zillagord said...

This looks incredible. Must see.

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