Friday, July 1, 2016

CRUCIBLE OF TERROR / Glendale - 1971

Here's a little British tale to start the month about an obsessed sculptor who kills a young woman in order to make a perfect bronze sculpture of her. A few years later at his secluded home, a number of people become trapped in a web of revenge, murder and horror.

I threw this photo of the British Board Of Censors rating in because it looks so cool.

This teaser scene at the beginning is one horrifying moment, watch it to cringe big time!

Nice title card with bronze bust, British stuff was generally top shelf. Picked this DVD up on Amazon for a measly 50 cents...

It's fun to watch these art gallery owners walking around, showing off the pieces and using them for interesting back drops.

This plastic bubble in the gallery is used to suffocate a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. See, art can be utilitarian!

Here's a look inside the artists' studio. Well, everything looks fairly normal...

Then, they throw this wild man in for some bizarro intrigue!.. OOGA BOOGA. Mofo!!

So, at the artist's estate, this hot chick gets the horror treatment in the many creepy caverns beneath the house.

C'mon Dude, don't be Rude!.. It's a freakin' NUDE!!

Wait!!.. What the Hell! Is Doctor Who supposed to be in this flick?!

Then, our gal stumbles upon the artist's pool of floating dead bodies!

Anyway, our madman is eagerly planning his next bronze nude figure.

But, something goes horribly wrong and he's created a monster that likes to chase him around with a torch! I really wanted to see her take him out with the torch but that didn't happen.


She lays him back into his furnace... Hurray!! Check in tomorrow when Eegah!! gives us something Special for a Saturday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I CONFESS - Alfred Hitchcock (1953)

Tonight's Wednesday Weirdness is a fustercluck of moderate proportions, a film by the master Alfred Hitchcock called simply, "I Confess!"

I must confess, it's quite a mess! (Also, my electricity just went out!)

First couple of minutes, there's a murder!

We already know who the murderer is, but this story is about the fact that nobody else does, except of course for................

........The Father, who just received the killer's confession. But since he's not allowed to share any information confessed to him, he has to keep it to himself, and that is the hokey pokey of this story! Does he look uncomfortable? Good, because he is!

The crowd of people the next day at the crime scene are an interesting lot!

A 31 year old Karl (The Streets Of San Francisco) Malden is the detective in charge of the investigation!

Anne (Olga, Queen Of The Cossacks) Baxter is the female trouble!

This painting scene hit a real nerve, since that's all we've been doing the last three weekends!

Brian (The Eleventh Commandment, Madame Guillotine, The Constant Nymph) Aherne is the chief prosecutor, and when he's not goofing around like this, he's a tough cookie in the courtroom!

Great Shot!!

I can't watch Montgomery (A Place In The Sun, From Here To Eternity) Cliff without thinking about The Clash!
He does a pretty good job here as the priest who knows but won't tell, even though he's the one who ends up getting accused of the crime!
That's dedication, no doubt!
Gay, but not open about it, with drug and alcohol problems, Monty's life spun out of control, and he only lived to be 45!  He looks troubled in most of this movie, I'm not sure how much of it was actual acting! All that considered, how weird is it that a guy who sought out mental help could play Sigmund Freud in the second to the last of his film appearances!

After all, life is just a stage, isn't it!

I found these different international posters all over the place.....

........And I found they all had one thing in common...........

......Not one of them accurately displays information about this movie!

Five posters including the one at the top of the page, and in four of them Monty is in a suit!
In the movie, he's wearing his priest's frock 91% of the time!
I have yet to see a bad Alfred Hitchcock movie, and this one is no exception! I think I still have 33 more of Alfred's movies to watch, so expect a lot of AH over the next few months!

Monday, June 27, 2016

LOVE AFTER DEATH / Charles Abrams Productions Inc. - 1968

Here's an oddball flick from Argentina that has lots of murder and soft core sex! During a cataleptic fit, Montel is buried alive, a burial plotted by his greedy wife and several men, including her lover, Montel's doctor. Then, after exiting his grave, Montel goes on a sexual rampage!

Alternate title is UNSATISFIED LOVE, tag line reads... A shock thriller of lust & terror!

Here's Montel unable to speak out as his wife and her pals put their plan into action.

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our haunted coffin, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's a sample from... LOVE AFTER DEATH!

Montel gets buried, but, digs himself out! I want to know how the Hell he got out of his freakin' coffin... Ahh, the awesome power of suspension of disbelief!!

in the meantime, Montel's wife is playing around with one of her lovers!

There are plenty of close up shots like this throughout the movie, saves on sets you know!

Anyway, Montel goes sex crazy and peeks in on these two women doing their thing. It looks like lesbianism was a popular sport in Argentina at the time, and, why not?!

Here, he gets caught in the act of watching two gals while hiding in their closet.

Montel finds this sexy girl at the park and goes to her apartment for some fun time!

There's also a detective that's trying to get to the bottom of the strange mystery. You can hear him in the sound clip asking questions and firing his revolver...

It's not every day that I get to use the term "spaz chop" but it definitely applies here. Leave a comment if you know where that term comes from!

Montel gets his hands on his evil wife, but, will he kill her or will he rip her clothes off and have sex?!.. Watch the movie to find out, it's on a triple feature Something Weird DVD in case you're interested.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??