Friday, May 27, 2016

The Origin of DWRAYGER DUNGEON / 2 Monster Dudes - 1964

Back in 1964 Eegah!! and I were both sophomores in high school, Famous Monsters was our moniker and so we decided to create our own little Monster Magazine. DWRAYGER is a combination of our last names, we printed out the pages on a freaking lo-tech ditto machine, making a limited run of about 20 copies of each page. There are 3 known copies still in existence, making them pretty rare collectibles...

I did a 2-color cover of CURSE OF THE DEMON, one of our favorite flicks. One note, we never got around to doing the Marvel Spider-Man feature, we dudded out there.

Here's our Monster Quiz, simple questions if you knew anything about monster movies. You will need to click on all the pages with text to easily be able to read them.

This is a generic Werewolf I created for page 3, there were tons of werewolves by 1964.

This is page one of our movie reviews, yeah, they're not real professional, but, we were comedians, not historians. You'll notice that both EEGAH! and FROM HELL IT CAME ended up on the list, pretty funny when you think about it.

More crappy movies, goofy reviews abound!

The last page of reviews ends with our little 2 minute 8mm movie we made one night, our review was spot on. Unfortunately, the movie is lost somewhere in Delano, CA.

My drawing of creepy old NOSFERATU as he creeps around somewhere in your house!

Here are our 'original' stories, stupid as Hell, but, fun to read...

My drawing of a generic Ghoul, love the word, ghoul.

Last page is a drawing of a Movie I saw at the Theater in 1957 with my neighbors, a great way to end the show. Check in again tomorrow when Eegah!! makes his splash.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DER SCHWARZE ABT - "The Black Abbot" - Martin Böttcher (1963)

Wow! I actually found enough time to get around to watching a full-length film this week, and I'm glad I did, cause it was a good one!
Welcome to the "Black Abbot," and the Wednesday edition of The Dungeon!
One of the reasons I started this whole blog in the first place was to showcase the music of some great musicians and composers, and one of the best in the business is the brilliant German composer Martin Böttcher! Here's a bit of the theme from "Der Schwarze Abt" for your enjoyment, and if that whets your appetite, there's lots more to found at BSC Music!

The next time someone asks me a rhetorical question like "Who in history would you like to have dinner with," I'm going to say Edgar Wallace and Alfred Hitchcock over for some BBQ ribs, and a couple of beers sounds like a night to remember for me!

And here they all are, Joachim Fuchsberger in the middle, Klaus Kinski on his left, and Eddi Arent on his right! The gentleman on the far right is Charles (The Terror Of Dr. Mabuse) Régnier as Detective Puddler! Actually, a dinner with this group would also have been pretty damn interesting! Fuchsberger, Kinski, and Arent are like a German theatrical version of a power trio like Cream! Fuchsberger could be Clapton, Kinski Ginger Baker, and Arent Jack Bruce! 
Krazy nice colour credits for a black and white film!!

There is no way in Hell I can try and explain what's going on in this film in a handful of photographs! It's Edgar Wallace, you're not supposed to be able to explain it in just a few words!

There's lot of sneaking around, peeping, and a hiding!

You've got this whole anti-relationship thing going on between the despicable Werner (Das Phantom Von Soho) Peters character, and Grit (Code Name:Jaguar) Boettcher, the gal he's madly in love with!

This shot looks like it came from a Hitchcock film!

At first, it's kind of hard to tell what this is, but it's a bat hanging upside down!
I kept expecting a vampire to show up at any given time!

No vampires, but lots of hooded creeps wandering around!

Here's another great shot that looks like it came out of a Hitchcock film!

This one, not so much!

No matter where they go, there seems to always be somebody watching!

Here's a reverse shot, from the inside looking out after Eddi falls into a hole!

You never knew for sure, but as it turns out, there was some treasure that was worth all the loco commotion!

Will the joyful couple go off and live happily ever after?

It's an Edgar Wallace movie, what do you think??

If you like movies that keep you guessing, then "The Black Abbot" is right up your alley, because it's fairly fast paced, has a great atmospheric look like an older Universal film, and is unpredictable because basically everybody is a suspect at some point, and it's readily available from 

Monday, May 23, 2016

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN / Universal Pictures - 1943

I have quite a few Universal Legacy collection movies left to post, sooooo, here's one I used to see back in the late fifties, I'd go next door to our neighbor's house every Friday night to watch the local fright night show at 11 pm. We loved the old Universal movies the most. This story's all about two of our favorite monsters, after being awakened in his coffin by two grave robbers, Larry Talbot discovers the Frankenstein Monster in a a block of ice. Larry changes into the Wolf Man and battles Frankie in the climax.

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our Universal monster models, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's a sample from... FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN!

Larry's laying in his coffin, two grave robbers open it up and the moonlight wakes him up, and, he's in a really grumpy mood!

Patric Knowles plays Dr. Mannering, he finds Larry and is trying to help him.

But, Larry's damned curse follows him everywhere he goes. He transforms into the Wolf Man again and escapes out the open window, death is in the air...

He finds Maleva and decides to travel with her to avoid being detected by authorities.

Larry transforms again and a crowd of angry locals are chasing him. He runs into an ice cave to evade the mob. There, he finds the Frankenstein Monster asleep in a hunk of ice and digs him out.

Larry is looking for Victor Frankenstein's book of notes about bringing the dead back to life, but, no go. He takes the monster with him to Dr. Mannering, who is engaged to Baroness Elsa Frankenstein. She knows where the book is kept and gives it to the doctor.

Mannering starts restoring the lab back to working order, he can't wait to test it out.

Love this shot of Baroness Frankenstein trying to sleep in a tore up old room in the castle.

The doctor is trying to help both Larry and the monster, here, they're getting their juice!

Of course, things go haywire and the monsters start battling it out, it's a pretty even match. Great shot of Bela Lugosi as good old Frankie.

Anyway, some dude blows up the dam and game over, man! The castle is completely destroyed, a set up for more of our pals in the future!! Okay, so, Eegah!! is here again on Wednesday for more from... The Dungeon!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

THREE LITTLE BEERS - The Three Stooges" (1935)

Three of my favourite things, Stooges, Beer, and Golf, how can you go wrong?

Like it really matters to anybody, but I'm moving, and am going to be real busy for the next couple of months, so it might be all short features from me for a while, and this is as good of a place as any to start!

I'm pretty sure I probably saw every Three Stooges episode as a kid, but over the last few months I've developed a new found appreciation for these idiots!
"Three Little Beers" is a perfect example!

Our trio of heroes have got themselves a temporary job at the Panther Brewing Company, and they discover the company is putting on a golf tournament with some pretty hefty prizes!

At least they are sober, it's hard to imagine how these three would act if they had been drinking!

Their job is to deliver the beer to the golf tournament!

After unsuccessfully trying to get in, they notice that the press is granted free access, so they come up with these press credentials to get in the door. For obvious reasons, Curley's doesn't quite work, so they just make a mad dash inside!

These country club members find themselves without any clothes to change into..........

..............And this is the reason why!!! Nice fit!

I'm not sure if in 1935 anybody who was really fond of the game of golf would have much appreciation for this featurette as the guys proceed to not only break every rule in the book, but to almost totally destroy the Rancho Park Golf Club! To set the pace, first off, they start on the last hole!

The Three Stooges are always loud, obnoxious, and boisterous, but it's even more pronounced on the golf course where the decorum is to be courteous and quiet!

Moe tries a few practice shots to warm up for the tournament.......

.........With predictable results!

Each one of the boys has his own way of dealing with trouble on the course! 


Finally, the groundskeepers can't take it any more, and call the cops!

I don't think you'll ever see this poster hanging anywhere near Augusta, Pebble Beach, or Sawgrass, but if you're like me, it's hanging in the walkway to the bathroom at your local course where hacks are always welcome to flail away with abandon, and just maybe enjoy this ridiculous game the way it's meant to be, drunk and disorderly!

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Monster Music
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