Monday, August 15, 2016

DISNEYLAND / Tomorrowland: "Man And The Moon" - 1955

Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, and, it wasn't long before me and my cousins were visiting the most amazing place on Earth for kids! Tomorrowland was my favorite...

This was the second Tomorrowland episode and is about the Moon. We start with a little history lesson through the ages concerning that bright object in the heavens. The artwork is just great!

Here, the Moon King tells visiting Earthlings to go the Hell back home!

With the invention of the telescope, man was able to check out some of the Moon's features.

Some people saw weird hills and rocks, some saw strange creatures roaming the countryside.

This poor guy simply has a touch of Moon Madness! A fun way to express the illness.

Then, Wernher von Braun steps in to explain how the space station will be built in space and its function once built.

This is the kind of artwork that captivated me back then, loved those blues and reds.

So, the supply capsule is unloaded, it's full of space station parts.

Now, it's time for an exploratory trip around the Moon, starting from the newly built space station. The Commander is none other than Frank (THE ATOMIC BRAIN and much more) Gerstle!

We're in for a thrilling trip around the Moon. I love those large craters with long shadows. I swear, I actually wanted to live there for the atmosphere!

Okay, this is really wild, when they are surveying the dark side of the Moon with flares, they come across these weird carvings in the surface, suggesting that there's alien life there!!!

Oh well, time to head back to the space station to end the mission.

Hey, Tabonga!.. Could you please turn the still right side up?!!

You ninnies, you're freakin' in space, so, shaddup!

What struck me about this segment is that it looks as good as 2001, A SPACE ODYSSEY in most cases, 13 years before the ground breaking special effects! Be back Wednesday for more from... The Dungeon!


EEGAH!! said...

It's the moon Alexandre Dumas, there is no atmosphere!

Man Ray Man-Fiche said...

The comic illustrations are pretty surreal in a quite Dali-esque kind of way!

TABONGA! said...

I finally got it, good one!

Randy Landers said...

I always loved the RM-1 spaceship!

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