Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DANGER MAN - "Secret Agent Man" (1960-1962) (1964-1966)

I don't remember this show as"Danger Man" but when it aired as "Secret Agent," it was one of my favourites as a kid!

Here's the 30 second version of the theme sung by Johnny Rivers!
In 1966, the full version of the theme made it to #3 on the Billboard Charts, one of Johnny's biggest hits behind "Poor Side Of Town," and "Memphis!"

The star of "Secret Agent" was Patrick McGoohan" who also created and starred in another great show called "The Prisoner" a couple of years later!

I love the graphics used during the theme!

There were 39 episodes of "Danger Man," and 47 episodes of "Secret Agent! 

When "Danger Man" was retconned into "Secret Agent," it went from a 30 minute show to a one hour show with more time for more commercials!

Maybe one of these days when things get all sorted out around here, I'll get the opportunity to tell you about each and every one of the 86 episodes, because that would be fun!
Thanx again to Lord Litter in Berlin for tracking this down for me, I'm starting to entertain the theory that it's quite possible that we were Siamese twins separated at birth!

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TC said...

Wow. I remember the one-hour Secret Agent episodes from the mid-1960's. And I even had one issue of the Gold Key comic. Of course, I knew it was a British show, but it was years later that I learned that changes were made (the new title, the Johnny Rivers theme song) for the American version.

AFAIR, the half-hour episodes were never broadcast on American TV (of course, I could be mistaken). I think they aired on British TV sometime ca. 1960. By 1964-65, the James Bond movies had started a fad for spy-fi movies and TV shows (and comics), so Danger Man was revived and rebooted as a one-hour series. The last two episodes were edited into a feature-length movie, "Koroshi."

There has always been speculation among fans that Number Six ("The Prisoner") and John Drake were the same character. McGoohan always denied it. But he would have to, since he owned The Prisoner, but not Danger Man.

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