Friday, August 26, 2016

VAMPIRE SISTERS / Timewarp Films LLC - 2004

Here's one of Don Dohler's last movies, it's about three of the world's most beautiful yet horrific women (questionable), who engage in the world's oldest profession. Utilizing an interweb site to entice victims to their lair, the seductive Vampire Sisters fulfill their unholy desire to feed on human blood!

If you are not familiar with Don's work, well, he brought us plenty of wacky thrills like THE ALIEN FACTOR, FIEND, NIGHTBEAST, BLOOD MASSACRE, ALIEN FACTOR 2, etc.

Here are Darla Albornoz, Syn DeVil and Jeannie Michelle Jameson (not necessarily in that order) as the sexy Vampire Sisters, they lure horny dudes to their place using their web site.

Unfortunately, the sisters have an ulterior motive going on, freakin'... BLOOD!! M-m-m!.. Good for the bones, good for the body!

Here's the sisters' enticing online home page, are you ready to drop them a line?

Of course, our pal George Stover shows up for some fun and games, he watches the girls gyrate for him, just before they drain him of his nutritious hemoglobin!

I like this photo! It's a little weird seeing some nudity in a Dohler production.

Another girl wants to become a Vampire Sister, she puts on her new costume only to be tongued to death by the brunette sissy!

Then, this pelon shows up only to get in a fist fight with one of the girls.

These vampires just do not play fair, here's the best way to slow down a dude!

Dude wins the fight and digs a wooden stake into her evil heart... Game over, man?

NO!.. This gruesome looking male vampire comes out of the closet to even the score... Hurray!!

We're back tomorrow with something special for our wild 'n' weird viewers!

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Anonymous said...

Don was a sci-fi fan, and was against doing horror, violence, gore, and nudity...but sometimes, I guess you gotta do what you haveta do!

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