Friday, August 5, 2016

CREEPOZOIDS / Titan Productions - 1987

Welcome back, everbloody!.. Here we go with another eighties flick that rips off a bunch of other movies to get its point across. But, it does have one very cool thing going for it, it stars Dungeon Goddess, Linnea Quigley!!!!!

In order to save a few more of my brain cells, the storyline is there to read for yourself.

The movie was filmed in a warehouse in downtown LA, and, it looks like it. It's always dark and dank looking most of the time. Real creative!!

Lookit, I know these eighties movies are mostly crap, but, we have basically reviewed every freakin' fifties and sixties movie there is under our 'wild n' weird' banner... So, I throw these monster flicks in to expand our realm. They ain't great, but, they actually exist in the real world. They rarely get any comments either. And, I put them up for sale immediately after I do the review.

Here's a hunk and our gal pal getting ready for some fun. I guarantee you that one second later in the bottom still is the best thing filmed here!! Go, Linnea!

The geeks find it funny to dig through the files on the computer and read people's messages.

Time for some food! And, like in ALIEN, the dude that gets attacked by the monster, starts throwing up after eating something. Then, like in THE THING with Kurt Russell, dude starts sprouting deformed body parts!

Then, a giant rat attacks the other girl, just like in Bert I. Gordon's FOOD OF THE GODS.

After a victim is bitten by the monster, they turn into a pile of crap, just like in THE EVIL DEAD!

Here's the Alienesque monster, what the Hell else would you expect in 1987?!

This is pretty cool, the girl that got bit by the rat turns into an EVIL DEAD monster. Hey, I like monsters with boobs, 'nuf said!!

Linnea gets attacked by the monster and will lose her life real soon... Damn!!

So, the monster gets bonked in the noggin a goodern and appears dead! Well, until a little part human thing crawls out of its stomach, obviously inspired by the baby monster in IT'S ALIVE! Rip offs abound! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something special for us!


Anonymous said...

I'm slow to the party but it just hit me, B movie actress = boob movie actress.

EEGAH!! said...

BAM!! Have another drink on us!!

Dr. Theda said...

Had seen this one for rent (VHS) many years back and never got around to watching the film... The film looks ,not so good... glad that we never rented this one...
Have a great weekend Guys...

TABONGA! said...

Hi Doc - It's just the same old thing from the eighties, I have a few more to go, have a great weekend, too...

Dr. Theda said...

Galaxy of Terror was a fun one from then... strange Creatures and gruesome Deaths... and Ray Walston behind it All... "Never trust a Martian"

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