Saturday, August 6, 2016

VERTIGO - Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

Buying that Alfred Hitchcock set from China was the best thing I've done lately, and tonight's Saturday Night Special is one of the main reasons why!

"Vertigo" will literally make your head spin!

Since I got this A.H. set, my wife and I have been watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie almost every Saturday night, so last Saturday, we watched "Vertigo."  Sunday morning I get an email from my avid-rabid film buddy Lord Litter in Berlin, and what does he say? He just watched "Vertigo" the night before with his girlfriend! With obscure luck like that, why is it I can't win the lottery? I don't get it!  Actually, Lord Litter has turned me onto so many cool streaming films and TV shows, it has been kind of like winning the lottery for me and you!

 James Stewart is Scottie Ferguson, a cop who has to retire because his fear of heights makes him spin out!!

Barbara (Dallas) Bel Geddes is Scotties best friend, ex-girlfriend, gal-pal, spurned lover!
They have a kind of strange relationship!

Scottie drives a super cool 1956 De Soto! How can you possibly not know when you're being tailed by a car like this?

 This is a great graveyard shot!

 After watching "Vertigo," I am now officially in love with Kim Novak!

 "Vertigo" is just fun to watch! It's all over the place!

 I swear I have been here before, I'm absolutely sure of it!

 I'm not even going to try and explain this thing; I'm sure that's been done by more scholarly people than me, but I can sure show you cool shots like this!

 Judged by a jury of your peers can be tough! I wouldn't want this group deciding my fate!

 This is a big clue to all the madness!

 Here's a couple of shots where Scottie goes into vertigo overdrive!
Pretty psychedelic for 1958!

After Kim's blonde character dies, she reappears looking like this! It's really a pretty amazing transformation!

 Without all the hair colour and makeup, this silhouette tells the truth!

 The imagination of Alfred Hitchcock was so active, you could easily watch this movie four or five times, and still not get it all!

 This is THE poster I want, showing Kim in both her roles, something that definitely doesn't happen in the movie, but literally tells the whole story in just one picture!!

Ring the bell Sister, this show is over!!

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