Friday, August 12, 2016

THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR / Warner Bros. - 1975

Here's one from 1975 starring the King himself, Yul Brynner. The storyline goes like this... Only a few people still live in New York in 2012 and are organized in gangs. One of them is led by Baron (Max von Sydow), another one by Carrot (William Smith), they are constantly at war with each other.

The future is a grim and stark place in the year 2012. That reminds me, things got this bad by 2012, but, Larry Buchanan's IN THE YEAR 2889, which takes place like 900 years from now, freakin' everything you see is from the sixties!!.. Carrumba!

Yul plays Carson, friend to the oppressed, he's his own man and belongs to no gang.

Baron convinces Carson to join his people, the kinder, more gentler gang.

Nice shot of the absolute clutter in this corner of the city.

This guy gets thrown off a building into a fiery pit by Carrot's men, what a way to go!

Here's a cool shot of the reflection in this gal's window as she freaks out about something.

Carrot's dudes are trying to kill off Baron's men and want Carson, who has disappeared into the depths of the city.

They track down Carson in the subway tunnel and the fight begins. After Carson kills all of Carrot's men, he has to face carrot and his metal bolo ball attached to a cord!

The cord gets wrapped around Carson's hand, he drags Carrot to an old elevator shaft and forces to hold on for dear life as he dangles there. He cannot reach him with his swinging ax and has to come up with Plan B. So, he chops his own hand off!!

Carrot gets whut he deserves and falls to his death!.. Hooray!! Be back tomorrow for more, y'all...

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