Monday, August 29, 2016

SANTO vs. EL ESTRANGULADOR / Cinematográfica Norte - 1965

I'll finish off my month with our main pal, Santo. Here's an early b/w flick about a mysterious person that has been strangling female performers at the Teatro Variedades. Santo offers his services in exposing the identity of the killer.

In 1966 there was the sequel to this movie called ESPECTRO DEL ESTRANGULADOR.

This mysterious figure is loose in the Teatro Variedades, where musical numbers abound.

But, there's a problem, the dude is going into the dressing rooms and strangling the female stars that perform there!

In the meantime, Santo is kicking ass in the ring... If you cheat, Santo will make you pay!

Back at the ranch, The Strangler changes pace and pulls out a big knife to deal with dudes!

Now, is that a classic vintage Mexican telephone, or, whut?!!

This is different, Santo has a little buddy in this one, and, he wants to be a rock star!!

In the early adventures, Santo had his crime lab full of equipment. He closes in on the criminal at the theatre, it's just a matter of time now...

Once exposed, The Strangler shows his twisted face to Santo and the cops... Uggg-leeeey!!

Fortunately, or, unfortunately, The Strangler slips off a walkway and falls down an' goes BOOM! So, check back Wednesday for our last post in August!

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