Monday, August 1, 2016


Here we go again, another week of fun, here at The Dungeon!.. I like Don Sullivan, he made the perfect 'teenager' back in the fifties and was in three classic monster movies, although, classic does not necessarily mean good... First off we have Jerry Warren's TEENAGE ZOMBIES from 1957. This is my favorite of Jerry's pile of shit flicks.

Here's Don with his pal and Katherine Victor, trying to figure out what happened to their boat on her weird island. What cracks me up is their reuse of music from KRONOS!

Chuck Niles plays the main zombie, Ivan, and, there's Mitch Evans as the Gorilla, for Eegah!!

Then, Don starred in THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS from 1959. The rubber monster suit was created by Jack Kevan, who also worked on the suit for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.

Oh boy, Don got to make out with sexy Jeanne Carmen, here they are talking to the Constable of Piedras Blancas. Mysterious murders are happening, what's going on around here, anyway?!

The monster was played by Pete Dunn, who also had the role of Eddie when he wasn't wearing the suit!!

Then, he starred as local hot rod club leader, Chase Winstead, in THE GIANT GILA MONSTER, also from 1959. They even colorized this movie.

Chase has a little pow wow with Sheriff Jeff about the disappearance of two local teenagers, what got gulped down by the giant hungry lizard.

Don was a talented guy, he wrote and performed three songs in this movie. They are "The Mushroom Song," "My Baby, She Rocks" and "I Ain't Made That Way!" Let's give a hand to this great guy!.. So, we'll be back Wednesday with more, from... The Dungeon!

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Grant said...

I haven't seen MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS in almost forever, but I'm very sentimental about it. I have this mental list of the weird movies I first saw on a Friday night, the ones I first saw on a Saturday afternoon, and so on, and it was definitely a Saturday afternoon one.

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