Saturday, August 13, 2016

BATMAN - Season 03, Episode 10 - "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" (1967)

As corny as it was, the "Batman" TV series was always extra entertaining for various reasons!
Welcome to The Dungeon and tonight's Saturday Night Special,
Season 03, episode 10 of the TV series known only as "Batman!"

The power of the Dynamic Duo has persevered for over 75 years now, and is as popular or more popular than it ever was, crossing over from comics to TV, to the movies, and beyond!
Holy stats!! It's really quite amazing!

Pretty Cool! Both Adam West and Burt Ward are still alive! If I did the math right, Adam should be 88 next month, and Burt should have just turned 71 last month!

The producers of "Batman" were smart! They took the popularity of "Batman" and combined it with the biggest surfin' craze in history, and got an end-product that was unbeatable!!

Cesar Romero will always be The Joker to me!!

I love the ocean, and I always wanted to be a surfer, but there was just one problem, I can't surf!!

I really dig this crazy jukebox!!

Classic shot of our heroes!!

Swedish bombshell Sivi Aberg has the role of The Joker's assistant, Undine! She also played Mimi in two other "Batman" episodes!
Sivi also had the job as assistant on Dungeon fave, "The Gong Show!

The Joker strives to get surfin' skills via brainwave transplants from a top surfer! He thinks if he starts with surfers, he will then be able to move on to total domination of the world! It's so stupid, you gotta love it!

I love this shot of Batman and Robin peeping in through this window!

"I think you've got something there, porkypine!"

The joker's assistants attempt to turn Batman and Robin into surfboards!
 Believe it or not, they escape!

With his new found surfin' skills The Joker challenges Batman to a surfin' contest!
Somebody actually decided to put Batman in baggies!

Here's a great shot of Batman and his surfboard!!

In the end, Yvonne Craig shows up as Batgirl to help wrap things up!!

Of course there's a big showdown between Batman and The Joker in the end. I love this shot of the onlookers reactions!

 I'm outta here, have a great weekend!!


Grant said...

Like you, I've always been very attached to surfing without ever having done it. But luckily, there's the pop culture side - I not only have the documentaries like Endless Summer, but all those supposedly bad beach movies (if they're not considered bad, they're at least considered guilty pleasures, and I don't go along with EITHER idea!).
And as much of the music as I can get.

TC said...

Of course, the show was always campy, but this episode may be when it really jumped the shark. The third season was no longer an adventure series mixed with campy comedy relief, it was an out-and-out sitcom. The biggest difference between Get Smart and the last season of Batman was that the latter did not have a laugh track.

But, what the heck, it was entertaining. Usually.

Of course, people who are not into comic books may have only been familiar with the campy TV version of Batman, at least until the more recent movies.

When the 1989 movie first came out, one of my co-workers complained about the violence and grim tone. I explained that the comic book was like that when it began in the late 1930's, that they lightened it up in the 1940's through the 1960's, then returned to the grim Dark Knight style in the 1970's. As it turned out, she did not know that the character existed before the 1966 TV show.

Which reminds me of a gag in Jay Leno's stand-up act in 1989. "There's a lot of merchandising tied in with the new Batman movie. Batman toys, Batman T-shirts, Batman posters. They even have Batman comic books now."

EEGAH!! said...

We are absolutely on the same page Grant! Hoping to getting around to those "bad beach movies" soon!

EEGAH!! said...

Great insight TC! That's all so true! Batman has evolved and devolved over the years and will continue to do so until the end of time, I'm sure!

Grant said...

Even though BATMAN had its own brand of titillation when it came to the actresses, that didn't usually include very skimpy clothing, so that second girl from the left has a pretty skimpy bathing suit on. Not for ' 67, but for BATMAN itself.

EEGAH!! said...

You've got a keen eye Grant! Pow!!

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