Saturday, January 9, 2016

DER MÖEDERCLUB VON BROOKLYN - Peter Thomas - "The Body In Central Park" (1967)

Welcome to The Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon 2016 style!
Woe be the day we run out of Jerry Cotton movies! I think we only have two left after this, but let us rejoice since we still have those two to look forward to, which is a small light in an otherwise dark and somber world! 
(This is a great poster by the way, I love that abstract painting in the background! It literally screams 1967!!)

Personally, I think that the literal "The Murderers Club Of Brooklyn" is a much more descriptive title!

Just like every other Jerry Cotton film I've seen so far, this film is whack! For instance it starts off with this scene of a bunch of gangsters waiting inside Jerry Cotton's apartment in New York to ambush him! They're playing with his slot cars on his home slot car track! Slot cars were the rage back in the sixties. Mine was a little hot rod painted purple and chartreuse! It flew off of many a quality track!

Once the credits start, the movie turns to colour!
As you will see, cinematographer Franz X. Lederle had a penchant for these kind of peek a boo shots! Sometimes what's going on in the background is more fun and interesting than what's in the foreground!

"Aw Shit! We kidnapped the wrong girl!"

So you want a million dollars or you'll kill my daughter?
What do you think it will be, "okay or go fuck yourself?"

This shot is the epitome of a degenerate 1967! Cigarettes, candy, horse racing, and a screwdriver!

How about this shot?

Normally the green screen in these Jerry Cotton movies is beyond reproach! This is the first one I've seen where they slacked off and allowed shots like this!

I'm pretty sure every scene that has a window in the background was green screened too!

Bauhaus New York!

As Jerry makes his way across the dance floor, it's as good a time as any to tell you that one of my favourite composers Peter Thomas is once again responsible for the music in the "Murderers Club Of Brooklyn!" Here's a short sample for your enjoyment!

In 1967 a shot like this was probably considered avant garde, but in 2016, it would just be called a photo bomb!


"Don't know where I been, cause I been drinkin' Gordon's Gin!"

Kind of self explanatory!

Here's a decent shot of Jerry's cool red Jaguar!

Here's another scene where they flubbed the green screen!

Here's yet another one of those wunderbar shots!

 Suave Jerry Cotton, bikini babes and a space background!
It just doesn't get much better than that!

Here's a nice definitive shot of George Nader as Jerry Cotton!
Mucho danke schöns to my olde pal Lord Litter in Berlin for turning me on to the whole Jerry Cotton Phenomena! You can check out his wild and weird genius RIGHT HERE!
You can find Jerry Cotton films at Sinister Cinema for pretty much a steal, just in case you want to treat yourself to an awesome late Xmas present!


TABONGA! said...

It was pretty exciting to watch that purple and chartreuse slot car fly off the track going 30 miles an hour, like, wild 'n' weird... Watch out, ever'bloody!

EEGAH!! said...

I just looked it up because I just knew it would be true! Commercial slot car tracks are making a comeback in some areas! It will be interesting to see how big the trend grows again!

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