Friday, January 8, 2016

PEPITO AND THE MONSTER / Cinematográfica Roma - 1957

Here's a rare little flick about a young boy who witnesses the disposal of a body by a magician and his brutish assistant, but the police do not believe his story. So, he seeks to find the evidence on his own. Pepe Romay was a popular child actor who appeared in several movies as the character of Pepito. The monster is the magician's brutish assistant and even appears in a gorilla suit at one point.

I have a sound clip with some creepy and swinging sounds for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our monster cave, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's... PEPITO AND THE MONSTER!

Anyway, Pepito is a little busy-body who sneaks into a theater to catch a magician's act.

Lo and behold, Pepito is chosen from the audience to participate in a very special trick!..

And, gets sawed in half to the delight of the crowd (and, Tabonga).

Another magician shows up to find out why his tricks were being used in the act, and, gets a dagger in the back for his effort. The brutish assistant takes him away.

You'd scream like a little girl, too...

If this guy was chasing you around with that big knife!

Pepito's family's a bunch of amateur sleuths who dress a little on the weird side...

The swinging tunes in the sound clip are being swung to by these teens. The band responsible for the music in this scene is 'The Rockets.'

In order to solve the mystery, Pepito decides to go undercover and so dresses up like a mysterious Asian Prince!

Again, what the Hell's up with fifties Mexican fashion?!.. Holy cow, Batsman!!

Pepito searches for the monster's whereabouts and ends up spending some time with him! Notice the decapitated head in the top photo.

Here, the monster and Pepito's friend have a tug of war over him, wonder who wins this match?.. Eegah!! will be here tomorrow with another treat, jus' fer ya'll... Yee-Hah!!

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Monster Music
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