Saturday, January 30, 2016

OUT OF SIGHT - "It's Way Out!" (1966)

It's time for another special Saturday night, and tonight's segment of rock and roll in the movies is literally "Out Of Sight!"

If you wonder what it's all about, a good reference point for "Out Of Sight" would without a doubt be "Catalina Caper!

"Out Of Sight" is a movie about hot chicks and cool music, and that pretty much sums up the whole thing! These two are the good girls Sandra and Marvin!

And these three are the bad girls, Scuba, Wipeout, and Tuff Bod!

Oh, Yeah, and idiotic idiots, lots of them! In fact these jokers are so dumb, one of them is even called Huh!

You probably saw that beach ball there, so you probably figured out that "Out Of Sight" is a beach party/surf movie!

Girls in bikinis and hot rods, that's what rocked in 1966!!

A guy named Huh! and a chick named Marvin, and they both have a unique sense of fashion attire!

The amazing George Barris was responsible for the custom car design of the ZZR hot rod!
Dammit! George just passed away in November of 2015! The gal who played Marvin, Carole Shelyne, also left the planet in June of last year!

"Out Of Sight" is basically just another presentation of 1960's rock and roll with bands like Gary Lewis and the Playboys performing songs like "Malibu Run," wrapped around a very stupid story! Thank God for the music, or it would be almost unwatchable!

Talk about musical diversity, The Knickerbockers hailed from New Jersey, not California, and instead of doing their hit song, "Liar, Liar," they perform a cover of the Tom Jones hit from a year earlier, "It's Not Unusual!"

The Astronauts were mostly a instrumental surf band, but here for some reason, they perform a vocal cover of "Baby Please Don't Go," the Big Joe Williams tune that was a decent hit for Van Morrison and Them in 1964!! Weirdsville!

The Turtles were already an established band at this point, but their biggest hits like "Happy Together" were yet to come! It's weird to watch Howard Kaylan perform the whole song "She'll Come Back" sitting down!

For even more diversity, they brought in the popular Brit band, Freddie and the Dreamers to perform two songs, "Funny Over You" and "A Love Like You!"

And finally, we get a full Shindig like performance from the "In Crowd" man himself, Mr. Dobie Gray, who performs the theme song, "Out Of Sight (Out On The Floor)!"

I'd like to give you the whole soundtrack to "Out Of Sight," but since that's not legally possible, I'll just leave you with these two shots of the torture machine that repeats this song over and over that kind of reminds me of  "The Gong Show" theme! It was designed to drive rockin' kids mad, and it just might work! "Out Of Sight" is a classic piece of 1960's schlock that's not great, but is interesting and fun from a historical standpoint! If you'd like to find out for yourself, then you're lucky enough these days that you can find a copy over at The Trash Palace!
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Anonymous said...

I loved Deanna Lund when I was a kid in the 60's and Land of the Giants was on TV.

Paul from Oz

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Paul! Always good to hear from down under!

TC said...

I remember Deanna Lund from Land of the Giants, and Wende Wagner from The Green Hornet. I had to look up Carole Shelyne at imdb. I thought she might be one of the Pigeon sisters from The Odd Couple, but it turns out that was a British actress named Carole Shelley.

Apparently, Carole Shelyne was a semi-regular on Here Come the Brides, and she seems to have played a lot of nerdy girls in movies and TV shows.

Wende Wagner was a scuba diver IRL, and was a stunt double on Sea Hunt and The Aquanauts, and was in the sci-fi monster movie Destination Inner Space.

My late mother was a Tom Jones fan, so I remember "It's Not Unusual" as the theme song from his weekly TV show in the late 1960's. :)

Grant said...

It took me forever to see this one, but I can't help liking it. Along with the other people mentioned, it has Richard Dawson in one single scene.

I'm sorry to hear about Carole Shelyne. She was very entertaining in this, and I've always been sentimental about Here Come The Brides.

Nowadays, I can never see John Oliver without thinking of Freddie of Freddie and the Dreamers! It might not be an uncanny one, but I really think there's a resemblance.

EEGAH!! said...

Then you'll probably like what I've got planned for tomorrow Grant!

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