Monday, January 25, 2016

EEGAH!! & TABONGA! AT THE MOVIES 5 / The Early Sixties

Eegah!! and I got to see a lot of early sixties horror and sci-fi movies at the theaters, we were lucky little monsters... I'll post a few more of these 'At The Movies' recollections in the future.

THE TIME MACHINE was a fantastic movie, the photos and hype in Famous Monsters made it a very special event. It was produced by George (WAR OF THE WORLDS) Pal and it shows. The Morlocks were a creepy little pack of crazies that kept the suspense high.

We had a fun time watching this insane flick, THE WASP WOMAN had lots of atmosphere and excellent acting from the stars. Great poster, but, check out that makeup monstrosity! The story was written by super bad guy actor, Leo Gordon.

We saw THE MASK in 1961 and were treated to a movie like no other, wow. We kept our 3-D glasses for years and probably sold them on eBay or something... Put the Mask on, Now!.. PUT THE MASK ON, NOW, MUTHERFUCKER!!

I love ATOM AGE VAMPIRE, one wild Euro flick, it's up there with THE DIABOLICAL DOCTOR Z. The music and transformation scenes are so cool, they snipped frames out of the footage in the shots to give a jerky look, very clever and freaky.

DINOSAURUS! employed stop motion animation for the dinosaurs but threw in a caveman and a kid for fun. We enjoyed the scenes with the caveman the most, especially Eegah!!

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