Monday, January 18, 2016

NOT OF THIS EARTH / Miracle Pictures - 1988

Here's Roger Corman's remake of his 1957 classic, this time though, with pretty crappy results. Lookit, the movies in the eighties were whackoroonie, especially the low budget productions that stalked that decade...

It all starts with our nemesis Mr. Johnson sucking the blood out of a victim so that he can live!

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our Traci Lords' standee, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's a little sample from... NOT OF THIS EARTH!

Get this!.. The credits roll over clips and fragments of gory killings and slimy monsters from Roger's previous productions like GALAXY OF TERROR, FORBIDDEN WORLD, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and even BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN!

Here are Traci Lords as nurse Nadine Story and Arthur Roberts as our space visitor, Mr. Johnson. His blood is goofy and his condition requires blood transfusions.

Mr. Johnson admires his freezer full of bottles of blood while his helper Jeremy checks out the spaceman's special metal case with the blood transfusion unit inside. Notice the same painting in both shots!

Here's the leader of the planet Mr. Johnson comes from, it's none other than freakin' Leon Russell. Now we know what happened to him!

Nadine is staying at Mr. Johnson's place and has to put up with Jeremy's sneaking and peeking!

Mr. Johnson adds some special vitamins to his Bloody Mary and it gets an A-Bomb head!

Here's the vacuum cleaner salesman originally played by Dungeon Hero Dick Miller. He learns the hard way that this sale is final!

These oversexed hookers want to party at Mr. Johnson's house but they all end up getting their asses fried after they strip for the space vampire!

Then, a female vampire comes to Earth to help Johnson, but, she gets a transfusion of rabid dog blood and goes berserk. These sleazy eighties punks then get torn apart after they attack her! One guy gets kicked in the nuts big time, very satisfying!

Well, during the climax, Nadine's boy friend, a cop, chases Mr. Johnson on his bike. When he turns on the siren, the vampire freaks out and drives off an overpass, saving Nadine at the last second. Hey, that's the same Caddy they used in the 1957 version!

Mr. Johnson gets a nice headstone for all his effort... All I want to know now is.. What the Hell will Eegah!! have for us on Wednesday!

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