Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Tonight's Wild Wednesday The 13th feature is a simple tale from 1936 with the classic title,
 "The House Of Secrets!"
And, as original as that sounds......

........This version is actually a remake of the same title, same story, that was made it 1929, of which copies no longer exist! The names weren't even changed to protect the innocent!

Whether it's "House Of Secrets" or "The House Of Secrets," it's a phrase that has gotten plenty of mileage in different forms over the years, and there's still more to come!

These two covers from "The House of Secrets" DC comic are pretty dang weird!

There's a comic book store in Burbank, California by the name of "House Of Secrets!"

By 2013 "House Of Secrets" wasn't good enough any more! These people went full blown with "House Of Forbidden Secrets!"

The booze and the movie are both black and white!
And don't forget, "Guinness is good for you!"

The setting is jolly olde London!

A young American fellah has inherited this estate called "The Hawks Nest" or what will also be referred to as "The House Of Secrets!"

Back in town, it's all happening at "The Swan Inn!"

Half of what appears to be a treasure map is discovered!

When both pieces are finally put together, it's still a puzzle! A scene where one of the crooks is reading the message is pretty funny as he proceeds to pronounce all the olde English E's at the end of all the words!

Ominous message, and even more so because it's not in Barry Wilding's handwriting!

Here's a nice cast ensemble shot from the end of the movie! The thug on the right is about to release the poison gas!!

And what else? There's a happier than happy ending!
If you'd like to just watch it, or download a pretty nice copy for free to watch at your leisure, then you can find it right here at the Internet Archive! I just recently tossed them a couple of bucks donation! It's a good cause if you've got nothing else to do with your money or even if you do!

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