Wednesday, December 23, 2015

THE CAPTAIN AND THE KIDS - "The Captain's Christmas" (1938)

Well, this will be my last Christmas post for 2015, so Ho, Ho, Ho, here they are:

"The Captain's Christmas" is another oddball cartoon from the likes of MGM Studios in 1938!

It's the night before Christmas and The Captain is dressed up like Santa Claus, and is getting ready to deliver all his gifts to the kids!

But John Silver spots him and he and his cronies come up with another idea!

John Silver robs the Captain of everything! It's not real clear what his specific goals are!

Now dressed up in the Captain's Santa Claus outfit, a maniacal John Silver almost falls off the roof!

When he finally makes it into the house, the fall kind of jangles his brain up, and he doesn't know what the Hell he's doing any more!

John Silver as Santa Claus is out of control, and he starts shooting up everything in sight!

He's literally gone berserk!

And he ends up destroying all of the kid's toys in the process!
What a yo-yo!

But then John Silver's little peg-legged conscience gets to him!

So he gathers up all his buddies, and they do a musical number in the streets to try and get money to buy new toys for the kids! 

Their singing skills are not really appreciated by the locals who start pitching all kinds of stuff out the windows at them. Eventually they start throwing toys, and the guys gather them all up to deliver to the kids!

This still of all the toys being dropped down the chimney cracks me up because I can't figure out what the barrel of oil is for!

The kids are now in Christmas toy heaven!

And John Silver's conscience is now completely clear!
(Even though he should be really serving 15 years to life by today's standards!)
That's it for me kids! 
Merry Christmas, Merry Merry Christmas!!

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