Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT - "Night Of The Dark Full Moon" (1984)

It seems they had it out for Santa in 1984! "Silent Night, Deadly Night" is another good example!

There was a lot of hype about this movie, personally, I just think it's a gory slasher Christmas comedy! Sick, no doubt, and another flick not for the kids for sure!
As "Blood Freak" was to Thanksgiving, "Silent Night, Deadly Night" is to Christmas, a stupid sleazefest, but yet, still engaging!

It all starts here! A family is going to see their Father who is in a mental institution on Christmas Eve!

The grandfather is totally non-receptive until all the adults leave the room, and then suddenly he becomes all animated, and tells his grandson that he better be good, because Santa Claus punishes the naughty kids!

In an apparently unrelated scene, an evil man dressed as Santa Claus robs a convenience store, and kills the proprietor! He's one bad cat! When I saw that this Santa drove a red car was the moment I decided this film was a comedy!

The paths of the bad Santa and the innocent family soon cross, and he brutally kills the two adults and one young boy witnesses the whole thing, and is permanently scarred forever! The other brother is just an infant, so he just cries!

Flash forward three years to the brother's new home!

As witnessed by this drawing, the boy is carrying around a lot of sick Christmas baggage!

Spring forward another 10 years!

The boy is now all grown up, well mannered, and seems to be fine, for a while anyway! Good lookin' guy Robert Brian Wilson is the psycho Santa who has now become a cult hero! After doing some TV and a recurring role on "Santa Barbara," Robert hung up his acting shoes in 1992! One of the nuns at the home gets him a job in a toy store because he's big and strong!

Take a guy who already has a Santa complex, and compound it by making him do a gig as Santa at the toy store! This can't be good!

History has shown that it is never a good idea to give a psychotic copious amounts of alcohol!
Oh well, it's just a Christmas party!

Scenes of creepy X-Mas icons prevail!
Now it's time for all Hell to break loose!

Flashbacks and bad memories turn Santa into a killing machine! 
At first it's not so bad, like this rapist dude kind of deserved it, but then Santa shows that he has no qualms or remorse about killing anyone if they've been naughty in his mind's eye!

Scream Queen extraordinaire Linnea Quigley has the role of victim Denise! She was making it with her boyfriend on the pool table when she heard something, and then she gets to run around with her top off for three or four minutes before Santa barges in and sentences her to guilty of being naughty!

"Denise" Where are you Denise?"
Here's another reason I say this is a comedy! More than one victim threatens their friend or lover with "I'm gonna kill you" or "I could kill you" (I can't remember the exact quotes right now) before they get killed themselves by Santa; stupid shit like that!

This movie is pretty bad, but at least Santa gave this little girl a choice. "Have you been naughty or nice?" After previously killing every human he came in contact with, he gives her a pass and his utility knife, when she honestly tells him she's been good!

When the cops finally respond to all the mayhem, of course they shoot the wrong Santa!

Another reason I say this is a comedy! Santa chops off this poor defenseless snowman's head with a bloody axe!

When this sick Santa is finally stopped, his axe drops in the appropriate place at the feet of his little brother leaving a gigantic opening for "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2!" 
I think they're up to 5 now!

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