Monday, December 7, 2015

TABONGA'S 7th DAY OF XMAS: 7 Spiders Spinning

You know, nothing sez Xmas quite like our little Spider buddies here at The Dungeon, because, they're just sooo damn cute!.. Hence, here are some special spidery photos to celebrate the 7th Day of Xmas around here!

Here's Tarantella with her giant spider cousin in an interesting publicity pose from MESA OF LOST WOMEN!

THE COSMIC MONSTERS had this big spider that seems to specialize in spinning webs, making sure we all have a white Xmas!

Love HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND and all its spidery appeal, it's a German film so you'd probably expect to see something like this here!

THE DIABOLICAL DOCTOR Z is one weird flick! This girl seems to not have Cooties, but, Spidies!

MISSILE TO THE MOON is always a hoot, just look at this wild 'n' weird scene! And, to top it off, the good guys come in just in the nick of time and shoot the thing in the Ass!!

The Mexican movie HELLISH SPIDERS had Ocram, dude with a spider for a hand. Eegah!! and I played brothers in a short film named SNAKE BAIT in 2002, we both had snakes for hands.

I'll end with this still from some footage supposedly taken on the Moon during the APOLLO 18 mission. What they thought was a rock, jumped up! That would be quite unnerving I have to admit, but, when you think about it, wow... Moon Spiders!!


Unknown said...

Hi Again Guys!

Great list and great photos as always. I would like to also nominate two stop motion spiders for your list as well. The first is Trap Door Spider from "The Black Scorpion" (1957). I just love the way it rockets across the cave trying to devour little Juanito (oh, if only!). The other spider is the stop motion spider from "Planet of Dinosaurs" (1977) even though it's only onscreen for a few brief seconds. I love the extra long legs and how, like the Trap Door Spider, it has a singular purpose; to try and eat one of the astronauts!

I love coming here every week. Keep up the wonderful work and please have a terrific holiday season!

Phil Smolen

EEGAH!! said...

Giant spiders? I got two words! KING KONG!

EEGAH!! said...

.....and Oh, Yeah, thanx for hanging with us Phil! Without readers like you, we're nothing! Merry X-Mas and freaking Happy(Let's only hope!)New Year!

TABONGA! said...

Hi Phil, yeah, I had to pick just seven titles for the post. But, you may be interested in the fact that I got to see THE BLACK SCORPION in 1957 with my neighbors, we loved the crap out of it. The little spider that chased Pepito cracked us up with the honking noise it made... One of the few laughs in the movie.

We appreciate your comments...

TC said...

I also liked "Tarantula." It had "Mr. Waverly" (Leo G. Carroll) as the scientist who created the monster, "Mr. Drysdale" (Raymond Bailey) as a scientist speculating about the possibility of such a creature, and "Dirty Harry" Clint Eastwood as one of the fighter pilots who destroy the beast at the end. ("Go ahead, eight-legged giant punk. Make my day.") Although the fire from the Air Force's napalm looked like it could be as big a threat to the town as the monster had been.

On the plus side, with giant spiders, you would not have any problems with giant flies or mosquitoes.

Grant said...

Possibly my first giant spider story was Bert I. Gordon's EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, so even though hardly a bit of it comes to me from that very first time, that's enough reason to be sentimental about it. Oddly enough, both it and TARANTULA have Hank "Mr. Ziffel" Patterson in them. said...

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