Saturday, December 26, 2015

DER FLUCH DES SCHWARZEN RUBIN - Gert Wilden - "13 Days To Die" (1965)

So what the Hell could possibly follow up the twelve days of Christmas??

"13 Days To Die!" 
12 Ways To Die!!
11 Ways To Cry!!!
And A Tiger In A Palm Tree! 

Classic vintage Chevy convertible!
This movie is supposed to be in colour! I got this copy from Sinister Cinema, and there is no colour to be seen, nowhere, nada!
Actually, if you want to see some photos that are a Helluva lot better than mine, and in colour, then head on over to the Supernatural Theater blog! Unfortunately, it still doesn't make the movie any better!

For me, the two best things about this film are the title "13 Days To Die," and the music by Gert Wilden! Here's just a taste of Gert's talent! We'll probably never get around to most of the other titles that Gert composed for like "Run, Virgin, Run," "Nurses For Sale," and "Campus Pussycats!" You're just going to have to search those out on your own!

Talk about a cryptic message!!

It's so weird that just like languages, wherever you go in the world, there are completely different types of music and instruments like these!

Horst (The Head, The Dead Are Alive) Frank is bad guy Perkins!

This is one of the more exciting scenes in the movie!

Serge Nubret is Pongo! If he looks a little buff to you, it's because Serge was Mr. Europe 1966, Mr. Universe 1976, and Mr. World in 1977!!!

Here with Pongo are the stars of the show Thomas (The Red Circle) Alder as Rolf Torring (Ralph Tracy), and Peter (A Study In Terror) Carsten as Rolf's bestest buddy Hans Warren! They make for a tough trio to tangle with!

"Der Fluch Des Schwarzen Rubin" is set in Thailand!
The literal translation of the title would be something like "The Curse Of The Black Ruby!"
The black rubies are a crap load of Uranium that everybody is dying to get their hands on!

Pongo is in much better shape than this pinhead statue that only has one arm!

Everybody gets saved in the end! Hooray!

And our heroes get the big thank you celebration that they deserved to get!

Leaving it open for a sequel. 
Please spare me!
2016 here we come, who'd of ever thunk?

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16mmfilmcollector said...

Hey, thanks for the link over to my SUPERNATURAL THEATER site. Much appreciated.---- Funny you should mention that the US video releases are in Black & White. They were transferred from my old 16mm TV film print from my collection. It was released on US TV in 1966 by Independent Television Corp. on gorgeous Agfa film stock, & B&W too. I got both in 1973. I resold the color film in 1975. Kept the B&W, then home video started years later, & it was transferred in 1989 & 1996. Glad I kept it or it would have been lost like thousands of other films.----I Enjoy your site a lot! Keep the memories going. Thanks again! ----Ken, the 16mm Film Collector

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