Friday, December 11, 2015

TABONGA'S 11th DAY OF XMAS: 11 Scary Santas

Today is the 11th Day of Xmas, so, lets get this road on the show!!.. Scary Santas is a funny concept to me, a total contradiction to the institution of spreading joy around the world.

This poster is just plain awesome, kudos to the dude that came up with that creepy shot!

Looks like Santa's only concentrating on the little brats that have been bad this year!

Here's a whacked out Xmas story about a son who kills his mom and the guy in a Santa costume she's making love to. Santa's revenge becomes the son's Xmas present.

Looks like you're going to get a little stab from Santa if you try to claim your presents!!

A flame thrower is a fun Xmas surprise! And, we love Malcolm McDowell, here at The Dungeon.

This poster has a fifties feel to it, just a butcher's knife stuck into a Xmas present that bleeds.

I had to include Herman Munster in this post, Eegah!! and I grew up watching this great show and only have fond memories of it.

And, remember all you kids out there, Scary Santa's always looking for new little helpers!

Some of these authentic 'child on the lap of Santa' photos from the past are a total hoot.

This doctored up Santa's face seems to match up nicely with the kids' turmoil..

I'll finish up with this hilarious shot of Santa, not exactly scary, but, a perfect way to end the show. Just think if YOU had to deliver a toy to every kid on Earth in just one night!!! Eegah!! is here tomorrow with another early Xmas present for you!

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