Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DER SCHNEEMANN - "Snowman In July" (1944)

Welcome to The Dungeon!
Tonight's short feature is a strange little cartoon out of 1944 Nazi Germany!
It is also known as "The Magic Snowman," "Snowman In July," and "The Snowman," and shouldn't be confused with a movie with the same title released in 1985!

 It's the last month of the year, you know, Jingle Bells, and all that rot!
So, if you want to visit all the ghosts of Christmas past, then I suggest you go on over to
That's where I found this weird little jewel, and they've got a host of other videos, all about the holidays in some form or another!

 He's just a regular snowman, minding his own business!

 When snowflakes form a heart shape on his chest, the snowman comes to life!

And just like any creature that has just come to life would act, the first thing he does is start juggling!

 The snowman was just chillin' when reality hits hard, and a mean dog takes a big bite out of his ass!

Ice skating is a nice relaxing thing to do!

 But then the ice breaks, and the snowman is dumped into a pool of muck!

 It's starting to get a bit creepy as the snowman melts away, but he rolls down the hill, and the snow forms back on him, and he regains his original shape!

 The poor snowman is tired after a busy day, and this rabbit has got his eye on that carrot nose!

 The snowman finds an unoccupied cabin, and whiles he's perving over the seasons of the year, he gets an idea!

 He climbs into an empty icebox, and decides he'll wait until July to see what it looks like in person!

 The months pass by, and the weather outside has changed when he ventures back out! And lo and behold, it looks just like the picture!

 The snowman is in seventh heaven! He's never experienced weather like this before! Obviously, he doesn't have any allergies!

 Well, it was bound to happen, the snowman starts melting!

 He melts down to nothing!

And the carrot now belongs to the bunny rabbit!
You tell me! The implications are varied!!
It's just as weird as the rest of it!


Anonymous said...

I live in Asheville, NC, and as a child always watched the Mr. Bill Show on the local ABC station every morning while I was getting ready for school. Once in a while, they would play this wonderful cartoon! was not played regularly, so I always got so excited when it came on! always touched my heart that the snowman was willing to melt in order to see the beauty of summer. At school, everyone e would say..."did you see what Mr. Bill showed this morning !!?

EEGAH!! said...

Good Story!! Merry X-Mas!!

Anonymous said...

I,too grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and watched this on the Mr. Bill Show. That was many decades ago. I just watched it with my grandson.

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