Saturday, December 5, 2015

ABRAXAS, GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE - The Prime Movers - "Strong As I Am" (1990)

Well, everybody's got their lights up and stuff so I guess it's time for a X-Mas movie!

Oh, Shit! I thought it was "AbraXmas" not "AbrAxas!"
It doesn't matter I guess, it's a X-Mas movie either way!

Jesse The Body Ventura is "Abraxas, Guardian Of The Universe!"

Born James George Janos, Jesse Ventura was elected to the post of Mayor in the town of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota shortly before this film was made. A few years later, the former wrassler and colour commentator was elected Governor of the state of Minnesota! He did not choose to seek re-election!

The dangerous and evil  nemesis of Abraxas is Secundus, as played by Sven (Conan The Barbarian, The Running Man, Predator, Pink Cadillac) Ole-Thorsen!

It's the future, and Secundus has come to Earth with Abraxas in hot pursuit! This is how he impregnates a randomly chosen female!

The sun goes down, and the next thing you know is that..........

.........She is now the Mother of a bouncing baby boy!
The Mother is played by Marjorie Bransfield in one of her only 9 film appearances!

At the time this film was made, Marjorie Bransfield and funny guy Jim Belushi were married. In fact, out of her 9 films, 6 of them also had Jim Belushi in them! "Abraxas" is the only movie where Marjorie had the lead, and Jim just had a small bit part! They were only married for two years, and after that, Marjorie pretty much gave up acting except for one TV appearance in 1996!

Zippy The Pinhead's favorite expression is put to good use!

Don't mess with Secundus or you will get the horns!

As you can see by some of the stuff in the background, the movie was happening during the Christmas season!

A lot of the lighting makes "Abraxas" look like one big MTV video!
These two guys are his boss!
Jerry Levitan and Damian Lee as Hite and Dar!

"Abraxas, Guardian Of The Universe" might not be the best movie in the world, but at least the makers had enough sense to have a good bar scene!

Here's what was possibly the prototype to the Smart Watch!
If it played music too, I'm sure it would be something cool like this song from
the great band called The Prime Movers and "Strong As I Am!"

This won't stop Secundus, it only pisses him off more!

Secundus is seeking his boy, and he reeks havoc the whole way!

He takes quite a beating, but in the end,  good reigns supreme over evil and Abraxas prevails!
Hey, nobody ever said that being the Guardian of the Universe was going to be an easy job!
I've had my copy of "Abraxas"  for a number of years now! It was part of a four disc, 14 movie DVD set called "SCI-FI." It was the only movie left in the set I never wrote about, because I never planned on doing movies from the 90's, but we've been doing this for so long now, we're starting to run out of films from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, so Merry X-Mas and welcome to the future!

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