Friday, March 19, 2010

HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD / South Africa - 1973

"It drives you mad before it kills!" is the tagline for this typical low-budget foreign gothic horror film from the early seventies...

Welcome everbloody, to our final submission for International Week Of The Living Dead... Sometimes me an' Eegah!! comment how we make lousy flicks look good, and surprise, our feature here is no exception! Tabonga out of turn since Eegah!! has to play domesticated dude tonight, so he gonna be here tomorrow with big surprise, no doubt...

Film is about a wealthy family in South Africa with curse on its head. Crazy scientist brother Breck like to experiment on monkeys, then peoples, and it gets pretty graphic at times. The 'normal' brother, Michael, brings his fiancee there for a visit. That's the story... Oh, and mommy dearest is a hateful old bitch!

Actor Peter J. Elliott has musical honors for this lil' flick. Peter appeared as an actor in THE AVENGERS, THE JAZZ AGE, THE DEMON, ZULU DAWN, SAFARI 3000, WILD ZONE and RAY BRADBURY THEATER.

Okay, so, Piff the Gnat getting another flying start toward the big red 'GO' button to start our eariffic earclip... Tabonga can see lil' Piff coming around the bend... now he really flooring it... closer, an' closer... 2 inches... 1 inch, and... BAM!!... He dood it!!.. HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Tabonga had some fun with pic selection!

...Calling DR. WEREWOLF!

He trying to guess her weight!.. without permission!!

Par-tee, par-tee!

Yer bro's acting weird again!

Par-tee poo-per!

Economic Voodoo Science!

Dude, that's a fireplace!!

Hmmm, note to self, weeds getting out of control.

He holding pool cue like freakin' nub! No wonder he stink so bad! And, hey Holmes, maybe a little light would help?! (He make me yell at him!)

Tabonga 'pick of the litter!'

Oh boy, horseshoes!!.. Recess time at the nut house!

They tell cops big monster kill him (for excuse), but he was bonked in head with horseshoe!!

David Carradine, if he had followed in his dad's footsteps!

...The mean old bitch!

Tabonga have no idea what this is, but, it is cool!! Look like some crazy robot head!

A whole lotta twisted perspective going on here!.. GB?

I C U 2!..

Helluva fall, damn!!

Tabonga like her top, a lot!!.. See you tomorrow!

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Monster Music
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