Monday, March 22, 2010

NECRONOMICON - GETRÄUMTE SÜNDEN - Friedrich Gulda & Jerry van Rooyen - "Paroxysmos" (1968)

Seems like "Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden" or as it was called in the U.S., "Succubus," is a whole lot of folk's little darling out of the whole roster of Jesus Franco films, but suckin' buses is just a little too arty for me, unless it's a Blue Bus, of course!

"Succubus" kinda gives me a chill, even though it's in the Mediterranean and made by one of my favorite directors with a cast of perennial greats, what in Hell could possibly go wrong?

Maybe I've just watched too many films lately, but for me this one lacks something in the testosterone department!

This is what I'm talking about, this is what those people were watching so attentively. This is exhilaration! Nuts to that!

The remarkable Janine Reynaud disagrees with me, but that's okay because she has a hip platter plopper!

Just like in all of Jess Franco's films, the music, supplied by Friedrich Gulda and Jerry van Rooyen this outing, swings like a noose in a breeze, exotic to erotic, and straight into the deposit box!!

Michel Lemoine is willing to argue that some of what is happening is not that bad, and I have to admit that's a very astute assumption from a man with a name very similar to a woman from my past that looked a bit like Janine Reynaud!

Janine and I have a lot in common, amzingly enough, at this point in the film, we were both doing exactly the same thing! How's that for coincidence?

Adrian Hoven, who we last saw in "Cave Of The Living Dead" not only was one of the stars, but was also one of the producers of this movie!

Wow! Like a pit stop on a delusional road trip to a castle made of sand, "Succubus" is all about eye catching candy and mind numbing games!

Permanent Dungeon stalwart Howard Vernon was not used to his full potential here, so he also gets credit as the still photographer! Howard, I don't think that's how you use a camera!!

Gotta give credit where credit is due, nice record collection!!

Just like Adrian's trying to do at this party, this movie is supposed to make you think, and it worked on me! I was thinking how much I really liked "Oily Maniac!"

How much fun is one person allowed to have??

Janine isn't drunk, in point of fact, she is actually doing a new dance called Do The Carpet!!

Uh, Oh, things are starting to get out of control around here, somebody call Webster Webfoot!

They even had time to have guest appearances by Frankenstein and Godzilla! What an Aurora of a deal!!

Is this heavenly scene just perfectly soft, senuous and sexy enough for you?

Weirdsville, just straight out Weirdsville!

Now it's time to prove how scary this whole fantasy business can be, look, a woman is screaming!!

That's right folks, believe it or not, that girl just did a cartwheel across from one side to the other right before your very eyes, is that incredible or what?? You can see how impressed the rest of the crowd is, as they can barely contain their excitement!! Have you ever noticed how similar the words excitement and excrement are?

It's a Jess Franco film in a mind staggering location, what else to you need to know?


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Jess? Jess not!...

Younaminous said...

Jesster Daze - Maul Eye Bubbles Sure No Bar Delay, Yo, Sigh Bereve Sin Jesster Daze!

Christopher said...

Frankenstein and Gawdziller bring it all home!

Denial said...

This made me smile, I shall have to check this movie out. Thanks for the tip.


Unknown said...

From where u brought such nice thing dud? nice.

TABONGA! said...

Tabonga love them cartwheel gurlz!!

Torrent Maniacs said...

Never seen. Will download it immediately!

klockwerk said...

Why can't I get Jess Franco films by the dozen?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You can, you just have to buy them one at a time!

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