Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THE HUMAN MONSTER / Monogram Pictures - 1940

Also known as THE DARK EYES OF LONDON, this story by Edgar (KING KONG) Wallace is exceptional, especially as far as maniacal villains go! Also considered one of Bela's best acting jobs, he plays a dual role as Dr. Feodor Orloff, a murdering, lecherous insurance salesman, and then the kindly leader of a home for the blind, Prof. John Dearborn. Bela filmed this one in England, with British writers and director, helping make it a minor classic that still has the ability to creep you out, even today!! Great poster, too!

Welcome everbloody, to another Wednesday Oldie Moldie B+W Bijou Flicktime Theater posting, here at the Dungeon, with big wood monster dude host ~ Tabonga!

Original music is by Irish Guy Jones, who has a total of 11 composing credits including the other British productions LITTLE DOLLY DAYDREAM, LITTLE MISS MOLLY, CHAMBER OF HORRORS, THE FARMER'S WIFE, THE PATIENT VANISHES and SUSPECTED PERSON!

Okay, Tabonga pet gnat, Piff, say shaddup and get el showo rolloing alongo... So, wonst again, Piff getting long flying start from across the buttress, toward big red 'GO' button... Closer... Ever closer... An' closer yet!.. Finally, almost... Then... BAM-CRASH-POW-BOOM!! Here's tudae's Eariffic Earclip... THE HUMAN MONSTER!!

You'd better know the club password, or big blind Jake might just strangle your ass... err, throat! Jake, played by Wilfred Walter, was appearing on Brit TV way back in 19 freakin' 38!!!

Here is Bela as Professor Dearborn, recipient of insurance claims made in his behalf, cleverly crafted by his alter ego and person, insurance blackmailer and salesman, Dr. Orloff... Simple, no?!

Victims, the insurance clients of Dr. Orloff, are showing up dead, so the police are a little suspicious of him and his motives.

People that know things keep on dieing, Orloff knows where they live!.. And, bathe!!! Good thing Jake's blind, this time he has to 'deep six' some old fart inna bathtub!.. Who's nakkid!!..

Greta Gynt plays Diana, her dad's there, she gets a job as a helper at the home. Jake creeps her out!

That's some fashion statement she's got on there!

Diana finds a clue to the mysteries and confronts the 'blind' Professor Dearborn.

He rips his disguise off... And, guess what?

Whoa, time out for the gratuitous bondage scene!

Ready for this??.. Right in front of her, he throws her handicapped father into the river from the 6th story!!

Jake can't 'feel' Diana's father, who he faithfully cares for. He goes bonkers and attacks Bela.

Even though Jake is shot and left for dead, he recovers enough to deal the final blow!! Master defeated by his monster, once again!

At the end, Jake throws Bela into the deadly slag pond. How fitting, slime begat slime!!



Christopher said...

this one dosen't get revived as much on tv as it used to..

prof. grewbeard said...

a classic in every sense of the word!

Gillian said...

Love these old films...the always wore capes and cloaks so you knew who the villan was :-)

Ed Brady said...

nice still shots from this movie, where can I obtain them for my scrap book? Ed.

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