Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Welcome everbloody, to Tabonga' Special Birfday Bash, and we talkin' bashing skull!! Tabonga sumbit green poster for your approval, and, so to not get such a pinch!!..

So, git ready for big surprise, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD... IN COLOR!!

Something different on Tabonga Birfday Special 2010, mostly you can just relax and enjoy these wild an' crazy color stills from this awesome classic-classic, skull fracturing extravaganza! Everything already been said about this flick, right?.. So, nuf' said!!

Tonight Tabonga pushing his own button to start the show rollin' along... over hill, over dell... right into big fiesty pile of hungry old zombies!.. THE COLOR OF THE LIVING DEAD!!

Some of the music used was the same as in TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE... Now, on with the International Week Of The Living Dead!


Ha-ha, me meant to do that!

Ben finally shows up, the only dude with a level head! Here he's ready to level a zombie head!!

...The fun just never stops!

They find out that radiation from a crashed satellite is to blame!!

They find a gas key but it doesn't work, so the escape effort falls apart and Billy and his gurlfiend get blowed up real good!!!

Gives new meaning to the term 'lunch truck!'

Classic, classic, classic!!!

Jus' shoot 'em in the hade!

Best part of the flick, Ben shoots Harry! He has to kill him again, later!!

One of the freakiest parts!!

Brother Johnny gets his gloved hands around sister Barbara's neck!

Blatant nepotism!!

We know how it goes from here!...............

Tune in Friday for our last installment with HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD!!


prof. grewbeard said...

not exactly Walt Disney's wonderful World of Color!

zillagord said...

Wow! I look so HOT in color. A little pale maybe...

Happy B-day Tabonga!! How many rings on the ol' trunk??

As always, great pics, E.

OH! I see there are now 300 followers. There really is a sucker born all de time!

Man I love this place.

Christopher said...

yeah..they're dead alright..they're ALL messed up..

Ivan said...

They're coming to colorize you, Barbara....

TABONGA! said...

Z... tanks, the 2 number of my age add up to 8, that's all Tabonga can say.

zillagord said...

LOL @ Christopher's comment!

Beat 'em or burn 'em, they go up pretty quick!

Tabonga, you must be 17. Now you can watch "R" rated flicks all alone!!

Greg Goodsell said...

Stick a candle in a moldy cupcake for me, Tabonga. I turned 50 on the seventh.

Paige579 said...

Very cool.

Tracie Tsuneya said...

Love it. Fantastic images. said...

интересный жалко плохо читаю по английски

Monster Music

Monster Music
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