Friday, March 26, 2010

THE VEIL - Edwin Astley & Leon Klatzkin "Tales Of The Unexplained" (1958)

Today's the 26th, and 2x13=26, so it's a Friday tweakin' twofer twonight! So what am I talking about? In 1958, the Hal Roach Studios produced a series of episodes in England for a never released TV show, and they called it "The Veil."

The very first episode was hosted by none other than Dr. Frank Baxter, who any true monster lover knows as the guy who did the introduction to "The Mole People," and once you hear his voice, you'll say, oh, I remember that guy!!

This first episode entitled ""The Vestris"" had Boris Karloff in it as a ghost at sea, and the whole affair was kind of a continuation or takeoff on Frank's other show, "Telephone Time!"

By the time they got around to the second episode, they had now gotten Boris himself to do the hosting, and the story was a bit hipper, more contemporary and was entitled "Girl On The Road!"

More "Thriller" than "Twilight Zone," "Girl On The Road" is a fairly simple ghost tale!

The music was put together by Edwin ("Devil Girl From Mars," "The Giant Behemoth") Astley, and Leon ("Gerald McBoing-Boing," "Adventures Of Superman") Klatzkin, so you know this is stuff off the top shelf!!

No, Kids!! Dont ever push an expensive European sports car with an Edsel.......

You're going to bend the license plate every time, and it will indeed come back to haunt you in more ways than one!!

One of Tabonga's best pals in "From Hell It Came," Tod Andrews as John Prescott, and Eve Brent who is still active and working today, as Lila Kirby, toast life or death, as it were!

Boris himself has a small, but important part as the all-knowing Morgan Debs!

Lila disappears on John, so he has to question some of the locals!!

Then the real true story comes out, Lila is dead, and John has fallen for a spectre!!

It's the deal of the century, two high-quality discs with all 10 episodes at a low price, and packaged as "Tales Of The Unexplained!" Catch it when and where you can, and "tell them Boris sent you!!!"

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Christopher said...

Dr. Frank Baxter!..give us the word man..Do the Mole People Shuffle
lol..We were still running 16mm science films left over from the 1950s in school in the late 60s and 70s that were narrated by him..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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